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On the recent actions in Montreal and the rest of "Canada"

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There have been recent actions taking place in Montreal, Québec that leave us with more than just as hint of excitement.

Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of something new, a breath of passionate expression that has the potential to rip apart society as we know it.

Let's not jump the gun. Let's take it into our hands and experiment with the inertia of this arsenal. Everywhere direct actions are rattling the social fabric that holds all of our necks to the cutting block. With the fires burning in Ontario and Quebec, the banks broken in Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, and elsewhere, there is nothing that seems to be able to hold back this inertia.

Isolated for the time being, it still has the capacity to break from its silence and flip this world on its head.

As the native struggle we are so inspired by is being slowly led to the gallows through the conditions and charges laid on surities, arrestees and other potential prisoners, these communities are left with little strength to occupy and reappropriate their lives and the space and time that play into them.

Solidarity for those who carried out the following actions on the nights of March 13-14 and 15-16 are showing us what shouldering the burden means and the potential that it has for the reappropriation of our lives, for spitting life's fire back into the struggles that brought us joy, and for the continuation of a fierce revolt against the State, Capital and the Colinization inherent to their existence.

Where were we when hydroelectirc pylons were cut down and turned into barricades, where bridges were burned and power stations set alight?

We are only awakening from a long period of slumber, and hope to make sure that we have not missed our chance.

Fire to the State!
Fire to Capital!

In solidarity with comrades in Montreal, Tyendinaga, Akwesasne, Kanawage, Ontario, Six Nations, and the West!

What follows are the two communiqués mentioned above...


Communiqué that appears on Anarkhia.org
English translation follows the original:

"Mise a feu du stationnement du poste de police d'Hochlague
Nuit du 13-14 Mars 2008

6 voitures de polices ont pris feux au poste 23 angle Hochelaga-Aird

Actions contre l'oppression qui s'intensifie dans le quartier de même que partout où se trouve et se reproduit l'exploitation .
Nous agissons en solidarité avec les détenus politiques autochtone de l'Amérique qui luttent encore pour leur liberté et leur autonomie.
Nous appelons toute les populations a se réaproprier le temps , l'espace, la rue, la ville et a cramer tous ce qui représente l'autorité.
La ville c'est nous, ce n'est pas une prison appartenant aux capitaliste.
Nous ne sommes pas des esclaves, pourtant nous construisons leurs maisons, leurs banques,leurs routes,nous prenons soins de leurs enfants en leurs servant leurs café tous les matins, nous cueillons les fruits et les légumes qu'ils mangent..........
Le moins que l'on peut faire c'est de brûler leurs voitures , SUV , chars de polices,leurs nouveaux dévellopement immobillier, leurs grosses maisons, leurs hotels, exposer publiqement telle qui sont ..................
Le plus qu'on peut faire c'est de les rendre inexistant !!

Dans la même lignée, nous tenons à spécifier que nous appuyons toute lutte armée qui vise l'autonomie et invite toute personne à agir et se questionner sur son passé et son rôle afin de se rapprocher des communautés qui subsistent, et de lutter contre toute forme d'oppression .

Feux au système capitaliste, créateur de cadavre!

Collectif Ton père

PS: Ce communiqué parait dans la section événement car le collectif tente de briser la censure appliquer dans le CMAQ face à la publication des revendications véritables de cette action, qui ne sont encore jamais évoquées dans les médias corporatifs."


"Fire set at a police station on Hochlaga, Montréal
Night of March 13-14 2008

6 police cars were burned at the police station 23 on the corner of Hochlaga-Aird

Action against oppression that intensifies in the neighborhood as well as everywhere exploitation is reproduced.
We act in solidarity with the politically detained natives of America that continue to fight for their freedom and autonomy.
We call on every population to reapropriate time, space, the streets, the city, and to put fire to everything that represents authority.
The city is us, it is not a prison that belongs to capitalists.
We are not slaves, yet we built their houses, their banks, their roads, we take care of their children while we serve them coffee every morning, we pick the fruits and vegetables that they eat.......
The least we can do is to burn their cars, SUV, police vehicles, their new housing developments, their big mansions, their hotels, expose them for who they are.......
The most we can do is to make them inexistant!!

Similarily, we need to specify that we support every armed struggle that seeks autonomy and we invite everyone to act and question their past and role so that we can get closer to communities that subsist, and to struggle against all forms of oppression.

Fire to the capitalist system, creator of cadavers!

Collective Your Dad.

PS: This communiqué appears in the events section (of the CMAQ website) because our collective aims to break the censorship applied by CMAQ faced with the publication of real revindications of this action, which have yet to be evoqued in coporate media."


The Anarkhia collective recieved an anonymous communiqué of direct action by email.
It appears on their website www.anarkhia.org
English translation follows the original:

"Attaque de la Banque Nationale a Montreal
Coin Ontario et Valois Nuit du 15 au 16 Mars 2008

Les trois guichets automatiques de la succursale ont été fracassés avant d'étre brulés.
Cette action n'a pas été reprise dans les grands médias et la Banque Nationale a tenté de camoufler les dégats de cette attaque au plus vite. Nous soupsonnons les autorités de dissimuler les faits pour ne pas créer la panique parmis les citoyens.

Pourtant, nous affirmons avoir agit suite a la mise a feu du stationnement du poste de quatier 23. Tout comme le collectif Ton Pere, nous agissons contre l'état, le capital et la propriété privée, qui perpétuent oppression, destruction et aliénation. Nous sommes également solidaires des luttes autochtones, notamment dans le cadre des Olympiques 2010.

Méme si la Banque Nationale n'est pas partenaire officiel (comme la Banque Royale), une banque c'est une banque !

N'oublions pas que la police et les banques se soutiennent mutuellement.

Collectif Ton Oncle"


"Attack on a Banque National (bank) in Montréal
Corner of Ontario and Valois. Night of March 15 to 16 2008

The three ATM's of the bank were broken and burnt.
This action was not publicized by the mass medias and the Bank tried to quickly camouflage the damages of this attack. We believe that the authorities attempted to cover up the facts to not create panic amongst the citozens.

However, we affirm that we act because of, and following the fire ignited at the police station in block 23. Just like the collective Ton Père, we act against the state, capital and private property, which perpetuate oppression, destruction and alienation. We are equally acting in solidarity with native struggle, notably those against the Olympics of 2010.

Even if Banque National is not an official partner and sponsor (like the Royal Bank of Canada), a bank is still a bank !

Let us not forget that the police and banks mutually sustain each other.

Collective Your Uncle"