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CALL OUT TO ALL ANTI-RACISTS/ANTI-FASCISTS!! The National Socialist Movement is organizing to march on Washington DC, Saturday April 19th... They must be opposed!
The following is text from NSM March on Washington publicity flyer, to be found at  http://www.nsm88.org/index2.html:



American Workers! Fellow Citizens!

Recall the promises and ideas of immigration:

Better wages More jobs Lower prices
Strength through diversity Orderly legal immigration
No significant change in local or national culture

What bitter taste the reality! You are betrayed! You know the truth:

Crime Disease Lower wages Lost jobs Lost industry
Massive debt Poor health care Poverty Chain migration
Dying culture Low quality schools War on the middle class
Massive immigration Massive illegal immigration

We watch in horror as the stock exchange, as the corporations, as the politicians on the
left and on the right sell out our country, our past, our future. We know that YOU feel
the same fear, the same horror! Did your ancestors sacrifice for the America of one
people, one language, one tradition or for the America of many races, many languages
- an America empty of honor, beauty, peace, prosperity?

A solution is possible, the time is now! Join us on Saturday April 19 for a

March on Washington

The only answer to our national betrayal is resistance! March to protect your language!
March to throw off the fear! March to bring back the beauty, the glory of our America.
Multi-national companies, stock exchange capital, foreign debt holders, the parties of
the left, the right, the center - they must not speak for you! We do not want their
America. We demand a

Return of the True America!

All proud Americans, look to your hearts and join our march! All nationalists, all patriots!
All racial brothers and sisters. Your pro-white group, your pro-European party; come!
On April 19 an organized resistance, a national force will rise up and proclaim

We Are One Voice, One Tradition, One People!


par for the course 17.Mar.2008 19:46


Call it A Return To The True Turtle Island.

This is the same rhetoric we hear from all europeans, particularly those caught up in khristianity.

Are you really willing to die for something that was never yours, and will never be yours?

blood quantum 17.Mar.2008 21:50


Would I be welcomed by native peoples if I look european for the most part but have a small amount of native ancestry? I REALLY WANT TO, but I feel like a dorky poser and don't want to invade or disrupt traditional teachings. I want to learn the old ways though. I also feel embarrassed about being white colored in my phenotype, but I know for a fact that I have native ancestry.


protect our language? 17.Mar.2008 22:22

first off, the whole idea of that is absurd

and this is pretty much the opposite of that


White Guilt Does No Good 18.Mar.2008 05:43

Indignant Student

"This is the same rhetoric we hear from all europeans, particularly those caught up in khristianity"

I am European-American ("white") male, with a quasi-Christian belief structure. I basically fall into every dominant category in this society (white, male, straight, able-bodied, upwardly mobile). Do I fall prey to being socialized into the dominant culture? By definition. Do I actively work to dispel the mythology that serves to oppress the numerical majority? Yes.
To imply that the hegemonic white supremacist ideas this country was founded with, and which continue to be propelled through the generations, make all white people guilty of racism is absurd and counterproductive for the Left (revolutionary or liberal Left). That is a gross oversimplification of the complexity of racism (interpersonal racism and structural/systemic racism).
In order to destroy white supremacist ideology once and for all, we need a multi-racial working-class revolutionary movement to destroy the socioeconomic power structure which currently serves to force privileged people to rationalize their privileged position in society through a mentality of inborn supremacy. What will only serve to reinforce racial distinctions is blaming all white people for being white.