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Anarchist group claims responsibility for torched police cars

A group calling itself Collectif Ton Père has claimed responsibility for torching six Montreal Police cruisers in Hochelaga Maisonneuve early last Friday.
Hours after the cars were set on fire at Station 23 on Hochelaga St., the group sent a message to Indymedia-Québec, an alternative news outlet on the Internet, claiming they were behind the attack.

Although Indymedia-Québec has not reprinted the message, excerpts sent in a press release to media show that Collectif Ton Père has anarchist leanings.

"This was an action against increasing oppression in the neighbourhood and everywhere else exploitation exists," the message wrote.

It also urged people to torch not only police cars, but the "homes and hotels of capitalists."

The arson attack occurred a day before a protest against police brutality where 47 people were arrested.

According to the message sent to Indymedia-Québec, the group was also acting in "solidarity with aboriginals who are fighting for their freedom and autonomy."

The message was sent anonymously, without an e-mail address, through an online form available on their website, Indymedia-Québec wrote in the press release.

They decided not to print the message in its entirety for "legal and ethical reasons," the communiqué added.

Montreal Police Constable Raphael Bergeron said the police are investigating but cannot yet confirm whether this group was actually responsible for the attack.