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About Wednesday's campout

I've been trying all day to post this as a response, it will not work- "error.title.error" (sorry if later it shows up about 15 times. But I'd rather that, than this go unsaid).
In response to some of the comments under the thread about Wednesday's Direct Action at Camp Withycombe:

I am not trying to step on anyone's toes but I can't let some of this misinformation be out there.

First, Clackamas does not have crowd control horses (as PPB does). They have a sheriffs posse, which does parking at big events and looks for people lost in the woods. Probably not going to see them at an action (especially NOT at night). And even if we do see the ponies, they are not trained to step on people, push people or do anything else but be calm and quiet. The police use FEAR to make the horses effective, and spreading things like yesterday's comment on another article "the horse used his head and neck to push the person to the ground" is exactly what makes them effective. A police horse is no worse than a police car coming at you. I wouldn't trust either of them because of the person doing the steering, but the horse at least has it's own compassion.

Watch indymedia for a Police Horse Knowledge and Practice training in April.

Second, don't put milk in anyone's eyes. It doesn't help against tear gas. And Portland (and surrounding communities, because their riot-response is tied into Portland's) doesn't use tear gas. This is a military base, I suppose they might use their own stuff, but we don't know anything about what they have or not.
This is why Portland Street Medics exists. We will come help you with our scientifically-tested method for flushing chemical weapons from the eyes and removing it from the skin.

To those asking how to prepare, be WATERPROOF. Water-resistant is not waterproof. Be WARM and DRY. All this week temps have been around 40 with lots of WET. This creates hypothermia! Be DRY to be WARM. Really. Please. And drink water and eat- you need to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar up.
If you're coming out at all this week, take good care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat good food, drink water. Have a plan when you come about when you'll go home (not necessarily a time- maybe, "when my gloves are soaked through I need to go home.") Come with friends and support each other.

awesome 17.Mar.2008 15:59


Thanks Rachel! Good info.

The error.title.error thing was happening to others too, which is probably why you'll notice the comments started coming in on the campout post last night then suddenly dropped off. Who knows why that happens? Anyway from here out folks, don't rely too much on this medium for organizing this. Tell your friends and come downtown Wednesday. Funk the War is where we'll flesh out details.

Wednesday, 3rd and Madison (someone correct us if we're wrong!), noonish. Bring all those signs you guys had downtown on the 15th, especially those classics like "frag the war." See you there.