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Oregon's military: Camp Withycombe

A direct action or not?
Camp Withycombe, from what I've seen, is not near a real "forest", it's right off the highway to Estacada (just east of I 205) and is now more of a military museum than an active base. This might need more research and a visit?
More military action is taking place out at PDX airport- where the Oregon Air National Guard has offices and sends its planes out.
A candlelight vigil or non-violent action could call attention to this and the other military sites that we have right here in the Portland area.

good thinking 17.Mar.2008 15:31


Yes, there is a military museum at Withycombe, but according to the info readily available online they still have a lot of ammunition and gear coming and going so they are not just a museum. They definitely have all kinds of camo colored vehicles and tanks, so for those of you who have been living vicariously all these years through that picture of the dude that stood in front of that line of tanks that one time, here's your chance to learn how to do it in real life. If anybody else has other info about the camp please post it.

You're right, the "forest" is Mt. Talbert, more a park than a forest.

Nobody said this was not going to be a peaceful action. It is assumed it will be "peaceful." "Direct action" in this instance only means putting our own bodies on the line to help gum up the war machine rather than begging our representatives in Washington D.C. to do something. Or begging the humvees that are driving by us to please please stop. What happens happens. Of course we are not looking to pick fights, but in these situations you can't really predict what may go down. So it is wise to be prepared to be forcibly removed, which may just mean being pushed off to the side of the gate or off the property, not being arrested.

Please DO initiate a "vigil" at the Air National Guard base. Many will join you. Tell us more about the plan when it comes together. Of course we hope you will hold your candles right in the middle of the road so that supply vehicles cannot get by, but that's your choice :)

For those who do come to the Camp after Funk the War on Wednesday, be aware that as far as we know this hasn't been done before, so we're in a process of learning here. We're hoping this action will set a tone for future actions, and show that taking creative new paths in our resistance can bring surprising results. So show up. Turn your talk in to action.

"Organizer" will not be posting anymore, because too many words can be poisonous to action. Let's get off our computers! See you at Funk the War, Wednesday at 12:30, Shrunk Plaza (3rd and Madison?), downtown.

Surprise 17.Mar.2008 23:25


The military isn't the only organization that is housed inside Camp Withycombe. You're going to run into some old "friends" out there.

Info on the Camp 17.Mar.2008 23:51

Generation Betrayed

So cops use it, and FEMA is there too :)

Camp Withycombe just East of I-205 in Clackamas (South-East of Clackamas Town Center) near Portland, Oregon. A Disaster Recovery Centers is operated jointly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Oregon Emergency Management in Camp Withycombe. The Oregon State Defense Force (OSDF) is headquartered at Camp Withycombe. Oregon Military Museum at Camp Withycombe provides military historical displays of events concerning the Oregon National Army and Air Guard and the Oregon citizen members of all the National Military Departments.

The camp still serves as a training facility, supply depot, and equipment repair facility for the National Guard. Until recently, the rifle range was regularly used for target practice by various agencies such as the State Police. Though the rifle range is now closed due to deteriorated baffles and complaints from nearby residential areas, the range retains its original layout with modifications only in the structures which shelter the close range target area. A portion of a rock retaining wall and a stone drinking foundation are located near the range, dating from the historic period.