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Thank You, Rachel

*** Rachel Corrie ***
Olympia's daughter, Rachel Corrie was murdered by an israeli five years ago today, murdered by a soldier in a cat-dozer, murdered while simply & peacefully defending the home of a Palestinian family, on Palestinian land.

We will NOT forget you, Rachel, our beautiful sister. Your act of courage, intelligence, & love will live forever in the history of the struggle for a just world.

Thank you, Rachel. We continue your work, with your spirit at our side.

Vancouver Memorial 16.Mar.2008 22:40

Den Mark, Vancouver

Seventeen people gathered this evening for a memorial for Rachel Corrie, in Vancouver's Esther Short Park. We read Rachel's words, spoke, sang songs, & mostly quietly reflected on Rachel's legacy to us, & to the struggle for justice. Five years, & Rachel's body has still not been returned home to her mom & dad. There is yet so much work to be done.

Rachel 16.Mar.2008 23:36


I attended. I've been told Rachel's writings from the 5th grade were used as examples for an adult writing class. I've been told of her creative talents and read her words of an urgent need to help the Palestinians. The Israel soldiers saw Rachel and they knew what they were doing when they drove the Cat over her. It was an intentional tragedy. I don't understand why her body has not been returned. I don't understand the Israeli's. Rachel was a beautiful spirit.