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Gresham, Oregon Police Officer Jeff Durbin #27791

Intimidation and theft of Professional Citizens by Jeff Durbin #27791
On 07-26-07 I was eastbound on halsey in the right lane to turn south onto 181rst ave. The light turned green and I made my turn into the right lane and immediately spotted and motorcycle officer performing a traffic stop 100 meters to the south the left lane was clear so I signaled and merged left. I was then pulled over by Gresham Officer Schmitt #20210 and cited for improper right turn which is a bald face lie. Schmitt the puppet with Durbin pulling the strings was telling him on his police radio as I wittnessed Schmitt laughing in my rear view what to cite me for.

My court date was on 10-19-07 0800. First the judge was 30 minutes late. Durbin called the people in the traffic court back for negotiation in which out of approximately 40 people Durbin had 30 of them. When Durbin called me back I stood my ground, Durbin immediately tried to manipulate me and interupted me which his body language and tone told me this is not law enforcement nor public safety, no, this is Durbins own self agrandisement.

The result was I got my day in court and when the judge heard my case I was charged $182.00 which was reduced from $247.00. Durbin lied and stated, under oath, I went from right lane east to left lane south which is a bald face lie. Ironically there were two cases before mine of people who didn't move to the left and they were found guilty and I gave the police Professional courtesy by moving to the left lane and I was still cited. How many public service anouncements do you hear in all media to move to the left for the safety of police doing traffic stops. I did this very thing and got kicked square in the face by this coelenterate thief Durbin.

My goal is to warn all Professionals who read this be aware of this coelenterate Durbin Badge # 27791 of Gresham Oregon P.D. I have reason to believe Durbin has lied to the judge in traffic court on numerous ocasions and he was very suprised when I challanged him. Durbin is a gutless coelenterate who hides behind other police officers to agrandise himself. I'm wondering if there is a civil rights attorney who is reading this that can have this coelenterate Jeff durbin #27791 of Gresham P.D. brought up on charges.

phone: phone: 360-903-3997

coelenterate 16.Mar.2008 09:18

= spineless"

coeˇlenˇterˇate -noun

1. any invertebrate animal of the phylum Coelenterata, including the hydras, jellyfishes, sea anemones, and corals, characterized by a single internal cavity serving for digestion, excretion, and other functions and having tentacles on the oral end.

Here is my run-in with Durbin 17.Mar.2008 16:29



follow up


PS Hi Durbin... I saw you harassing the Latino kid walking down the street today.

Durbin offers toasted cheese sandwich to child run down by relative 09.Dec.2008 20:53

vic's family

Gresham's fabulous officer Durbin arrived at the scene of a vehicle driven by a 16 year old with the last name of all things Durbin, who failed to negotiate the tricky turn from northbound 182nd on to eastbound 1st ave. It seems forty miles an hour with another 16 year old friend in the car jumping a curb and running down my daughter on the sidewalk is not justifiable cause for citing a relative for reckless driving or maybe driving after only having a license for two months with another sixteen year old in the car. As he arrived on the scene the same time I did, he quickly pointed out that there were no witnesses to the accident. (Almost uncannily intuitive). He then proceeded to assure me that it was unnecessary for my daughter to be treated by the emergency crew that had arrived and that a trip to the hospital in the ambulance bordered on insanity. In his professional opinion he told her to go home and have a toasted cheese sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. Ingenious, not only is he a fabulous officer he is also a practicing physician. God Bless You Officer Durbin

still up to "persecutorial and spurious" enforcement 05.Nov.2011 08:31

A person of honor

Received a ticket of well over 500, signage was ridiculous, as was the fine amount and even receiving it. I was near Gresham, when I was forced to change lanes due to construction cones closing the left lane of a two lane road. The vehicle behind me and still in the right lane and a few feet behind sped up and quickly overtook me. Prior to this occurrence, I had 3rd in a line of 4 cars in the right lane, looking for a retail location I had never been to let alone the area of town, and had changed lanes to possibly view any sign of a shopping center. I was ticketed for exceeding the speed limit by more than 15mph, in a construction zone, and allegedly laser read while coming around the corner some 20 yards before these cones began. I was not going the "lased" speed, nor was I even up to the visible marked speed of 40mph both after and before this block, which had been marked 25mph by a folding sign in between two trees 13" apart, on the right hand side of the road directly across from two crosswalks. One of those crosswalks being blind, and preparing to change lanes, I and everyone else ticketed in this enTRAPment area, was focused on the crosswalks during the .25 seconds of visibility. Yet I was pulled over, with no doubt or exception, yelled at from the get go, and then threatened with further illegitimate ticketing for my legal tinting and license plate FRAME (no cover). I was even ticketed for an out of state license though I consulted an officer on that issue, while standing at a crosswalk in downtown Portland, who suggested I not get an in-state license with less than 90 days in the state. This fact and my amazement at the sheer total of the ticket, 2 weeks of unemployment, did not phase Officer Jeff Durbin.

So being an honest person, knowing I was not guilty, and as I've screamed from the top of my lungs and still maintain, SEMPER FIDELIS! time and time again, I believed a little hard work and a day in court would save my wallet and stomach...

To no avail, I sacrificed a piece of my honor and accepted the second of ultimately two choices, lawful or not, from the Judge who was kind enough to hear me, or a small portion of my case rather. After not being notified of the delay filed by Officer Durbin nor the new date of the hearing, and certainly not my being afforded the opportunity to present my full measurements, diagrams, calculations, character statements for myself, character background of Officer Durbin, generally accepted practices for regulating speed in a construction zone and their mis-application, video drive through of my route, video recording and calculations showing the average speed of 100 cars to be 9 mph over the "posted" speed, I was left with two choices. Between sacrificing a portion of my honor and paying $250 with a no contest plea, or paying the full amount with a not guilty plea.I will thank the judge for at least hearing my case despite the result, he was under no obligation. Yet I'm disappointed that not 1 but 2 examples of an authority that I had respected and trusted failed me in all understandings of justice but one, to be heard.

Life is not fair, there's no happily ever after, people die in war, and sometimes it does not matter how hard you try. I know these things. I did not expect to get the sinking feelings I've felt when dealing with these truths while being honest, truthful, and above all, innocent.

Shame on you Officer Jeff Durbin. I understand him to be a religious man; I'm certain his understanding affords him forgiveness, I sure hope his understanding is wrong so that some accountability will be held to all those here and those who never got this far.

Shame on you, Your Honor (I don't care to retrieve his name, he has taken enough, no more time need be added), you've dis-honored yourself, lowered the eyes and expectations of much more than just a lawful citizen, and you were wrong; I imagine that to be the most damning fact of all given your conduct.

This was the dramatic, heartfelt, and sincere account of Officer Jeff Durbin and the 6 Billion Dollar industry that is our traffic justice system. To all those reading this thread seeking insight before your day in court, keep these facts in mind and good luck!

Semper Fidelis,
hopefully anonymous enough

Jeff Durbin treated me courteously and fairly 31.May.2012 21:39

Gresham/Damascus resident

I was bringing a seriously ill friend home from having a procedure at the hospital, and I was pulled over by Officer Durbin for gong 45 in a 35 on 252nd near Powell. Officer Durbin was polite, respectful, and treated me as I would expect a professional police officer to do. He gave me a ticket, which I deserved. I was rushing to get my friend home to rest, and to get myself back to work, and I was speeding. Officer Durbin also treated me courteously, politely, & respectfully when we we met again in court. I only have the two interactions with him to go by, but in my case, he was a fine example of the kind of man I want in uniform patrolling our streets. Officer Durbin, you treated me fair & square, and I appreciate it.

false arrest 15.Jan.2015 19:59

carols carolswallune1@gmail.com

I was in dotty's on Hogan and division, I had only been at this particular one twice before. My son, whom drove us there in my vehicle was with me. We were there to buy cigarettes, and ask the clerk if she was knowledgeable of area, since we were looking for rentals, and new to area. When done getting some information on some places, and buying the cigarettes, I told my son was going to use restroom, then we would go look at couple of rentals. At this time son said Ill move vehicle out of handicapped spot , I said no its fine , ill just be a minute. Well, he didn't listen moved vehicle, backed into a truck partially sticking into drive area, and went to go to around in front of 7'11. At this point I'm coming out of restroom, and no one is in dotty's, they are all outside, because I was in bathroom, and I didn't know what happened.Ay tho point the clerk comes in and tells me son hit someone's vehicle, so I went outside and up drives first officer, and is asking questions, asked my son if he had keys, son says yes, Then here comes bike cop, in cruiser ( odd) but, was. At which this point doesn't do much talking to anyone and arrests me. Charged me with DUI, reckless, careless, resisting, and hit and run!!!! Seriously! Got an attorney,had to pay $3,500.00 to clear my name.In meanwhile when my attorney and I should up to court, Durbin was late, and the judge said "I know you feel you dodged a bullet here, dismissed" when my attorney and 10 witnesses' were leaving, here comes Durbin, drives up on walk right by door, and runs in! It was hilarious to see, yet him calling me names in the car, grabbing me left bruise on arm, and primarily the False arrest caused mug shot on pdx, google,cost me a job! How can this person or officer of the law\\\\\\\? Get away with this, I agree with previous comment, I hope there is an attorney who reads these and wants his pro bono for the year, pretty much a slam dunk!!!