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MIKE D alive and well

Many of us have been worried about Mike D for the past two years, as he had dropped out of site and not contacted anyone. I got word yesterday that he had turned himself in on the third of this month. He is currently being held in the Justice Center. I confirmed this by calling recog.
I believe that you can leave him a note by going to the justice center in the room on the se corner of the building. I would write it there with the pencil and paper they provide and give it to the workers behind the counter. He has to put you on his visitor list to be able to see him.

I really do not know more than that. I do not know how he is, nor do i understand why he dropped out of site for so long. I would rather people go and see him, then use this thread to speculate though. I just wanted people to know he is alive because so many of us have been concerned.

Glad, but there's another 13.Mar.2008 19:23


I'm glad he has turned up. Now there's another who has disappered. It is Bicycle John. He used to dress as Abraham Lincoln in the peace rallys in Portland, made unique peace signs and came to Vancouver's rallys for several years. But now he is nowhere, it seems. Anybody know?

hmmmm! 13.Mar.2008 22:22

makes me wonder

if he hasn't been RENDITIONED by one or the other Alphabet Boys...????