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Radical Bloc?

I know that marching is a useless and sill tactic however
I am wondering if there is a call for a radical bloc this saturday. I know that this is not a good tactic or stradegy but I think it is important to have radicals represented. Does anyone know if this has been called for already?

I will be there 13.Mar.2008 15:05


I plan to attend this march. I do not intend to march as a bloc only with other radicals, so much as I intend to march as a bloc with everyone in attendance. I do not think it's necessary, in every instance, for us to march in a monochromatic clique, any more than I think it necessary or productive for those who do not (yet) identify as radicals to insulate and isolate themselves from us. I do not see the black bloc as any more or any less of a clique, by the way, than I see the liberals who fear them. I would like to see us all rise above what we will be wearing. I will be standing in solidarity with anyone who wears a mask or doesn't, anyone who wears tie-dye or doesn't, anyone who wears black or doesn't, anyone who wears a peace sign or doesn't. I do not care what any of you all are wearing, I only care that you all stand with me and with all of our comrades.

I am a radical anti-capitalist, so I will not be contributing any change into the money buckets. Do not hold that against me, and I will not hold it against you for trying.

I would like to have faith that NO ONE will be turning ANYONE in to the police, or helping the corporate media to demonize ANY of us as "the bad protesters." Can I have that commitment? Let us all stand together out there on Saturday, and see what we can do when we are united. I would also like to have faith that those of us who will engage in direct action will not be putting other attendees into unnecessary danger without their consent, and particularly not without a good, strategically sound reason for that direct action. Can I have that commitment? And finally, I would like to have faith that we will use this coming together as an opportunity to actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE, rather than just wandering in circles, smiling for cameras, patting ourselves on the backs, and going aimlessly off to Starbucks afterward. Can I have that commitment? I think I can. I think you all will rise to this occasion. It is time.

Marching is one tactic 13.Mar.2008 15:19

And it shouldn't be a strategy

Tactics are neither inherrantly good or bad, it's how effectively they are used. Marches serve a number of purposes and can be very effective if utilized properly. International womens day came from a march, May Day sprang from marches, they are an essential tool in the tool belt for movements. Radicals from long ago would be shocked by a phrase like "don't march it doesn't do anything". I'd like to point out that a lot of ELF style actions are actually symbolic as well. Most of the time these buildings are insured against fire, so often a developer isn't even loosing money. Meanwhile the person who set the fire gets caught spends 20 or 30 years in prison, and they often disrupt radical communities through the fall out. I would say that is not an effective use of a tactic. Don't equate militancy with effectiveness, actions can be very militant and very stupid at the same time. Look up some of the disasterous effects the Red Brigades had on the Italian Autonomia movement in the 70s, or the Weather Underground for that matter.

My "Plan" 13.Mar.2008 15:51

Den Mark, Vancouver

I'll likely go to Portland's march after our small protest here in Vancouver, because it will be too late to get to Olympia's. I sincerely want that this edition of "the big local march" will not be totally choreographed. I for one will not march in an approved route, but will take my "JUSTICE!" flag to a corner & watch the parade pass me by, & then i'll wander around, wherever i choose, flag flying.

How cool it would be if all protesters would wander downtown, like other pedestrians, except for carrying flags & signs, making our presence eminently clear for several hours, without giving cops reason for unleashing less-than-lethals, rendering cops irrelevant. I see in my head several thousand protesters wandering all over the place, anarchically, with our messages absolutely unavoidable for anyone who happens to be there, too.

It's my right, it's my duty, to take a message of Justice downtown. Thousands of others have the same right & duty. What if we all decide to do so on the same afternoon.

I can dream.

brought to you by EF! BTP! FSP! RA! RW! 13.Mar.2008 18:28


radical blocs are cool and all, 13.Mar.2008 18:30


what about free food? is there gonna be lots of free food?

Radical Bloc 14.Mar.2008 10:52


There will be a black bloc there will be black flags there will be slogans shouted that make the liberals look as silly as they really are, in spite of all the people that that seem to think that wearing black is "alienating". I'd honestly rather make my distance from people that believe in oppression (and that definitely includes the vast majority of people marching tomorrow) known. So I'll be with the bloc.

As to commitments, you can have all the commitment that you want that no direct action will in-danger marchers, but you'll need to get it from the cop, not the people engaging in direct action. Your signature is @, presumably a circle-a, but your post is filled with assumptions that most anarchists have matured beyond. Stop blaming protesters for POLICE VIOLENCE!