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HLS campaign alive and well

Protesters embarrass state treasurer Richard more during his campaign for governor.
Wednesday March 12, 2008

A group of activists gathered outside the upscale fundraising dinner of state treasurer, Richard Moore, who is running for North Carolina governor and is the only governmental board member of NYSE. We proceeded to yell and chant through a bullhorn, embarrassing him in front of his rich, campaign donors. Groups of people from the dinner came out to watch us as we yelled, "HLS...Shut 'em on down!" At one point his campaign director came out to speak with us and request a meeting, but then called off all negotiation when we continued the protest, making it clear that Richard Moore's campaign is not a fan of the first amendment. The police threatened to arrest folks once, but eventually gave up, even though his campaign director was visibly urging them to stop us. We let attendees know that we would be publicly exposing Moore until he talks to NYSE about dropping LSR from the Arca Exchange. Some of them were very receptive and said they would speak with him and some neighbors, especially children, were very supportive and gave protesters daffodils they had picked as presents. See you on the campaign trail, Richard!

Previous office protests against Moore resulted in multiple news stories about the campaign, but one of his representatives was quoted saying, "It's such a focused issue, it affects a relatively few number of voters." Unfortunately for them, we don't agree that this issue is small enough for him to ignore and we'll continue to make scenes everywhere their campaign goes.

If you would like to help out with this action, you can contact the Richard Moore campaign and explain to them that Mr. Moore, who is on NYSE's board of regulations, should advise NYSE to drop this unethical, puppy beating company from the Arca Exchange. Huntingdon Life Sciences (ticker symbol LSR) has been caught in six undercover investigations breaking animal welfare laws, good laboratory practices, documented on video shaking and punching beagle puppies in the face, and falsifying research data (among many other horrendous incidents).

Their campaign can be reached at:

Richard Moore Committee
ph: 919-836-4239 ext. 222
fax: 919-836-1907

Starla Huggins, political director
919-278-8308 cell phone


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