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March 15 World Without War: A Day of Resistance and Hope

PDX Peace coalition is hosting an all-day event with an action camp, march and rally, and more opportunities for Portland to explore what we can do to end this war and prevent the next one.

March 15 World Without War: A Day of Resistance and Hope


Stop the War,
Bring the Troops Home Now!

South Park Blocks, Portland

March 15th, 2008

We're planning a day of action for the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Save the date to join PDX Peace to say no to war and organize for peace.

PDX Peace coalition is hosting an all-day event with an action camp, march and rally, and more opportunities for Portland to explore what we can do to end this war and prevent the next one.

Can you help build a World Without War?

1. Spread the word!
New posters, flyers, handbills, stickers and buttons are now available! Download flyers or find pick-up locations.

2. Volunteer!
We need your help to hang posters, make buttons, call supporters, set up for March 15 and more. Fill out the volunteer form to let us know we can count on you!

3. Donate! This dynamic expanded program costs money. Can you chip in to make it happen? Do you know an organization or business that would like to co-sponsor the event?

For more information email pdxpeace@pdxpeace.org or call 503-230-9427

Rally Line-up

We've got a fabulous rally line-up including inspiring local and
nationally-known activists working for a world without war. Speakers
at the 2:00 PM rally include:




Tom Chamberlain, Bob Watada and Zahra Sultan be at the World Without War.

The rally will be hosted by spoken word artist Walidah Imarisha and Megan Brooker of the PDX Peace Coalition and Military Families Speak Out.

Where: South Park Blocks (SW Park and Madison), Portland Oregon
When: Saturday, March 15, 2008
10:00-6:00 Action Camp featuring workshops, exhibits, performances, music and more!
2:00 Rally and March

Bring your friends and family! Come early to take part in the Action Camp. We'll have workshops, activities, performances and exhibits on:


Military Resistance and Recovery
Costs of War
Iraqi Crisis Under US Invasion
PDX Youth M.O.V.E
Stop the War on Working People at Home and Abroad
US out of the "Middle East": Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran...
No Human Being is Illegal! Defend Human Rights for All!
Palestine: 40 Years of Occupation and 60 years of Dispossession
Visions of Peace: Building Bridges of Faith to a World Without War


The Peace Movement Goes Green!

No More Blood for Oil is not just a slogan--we're putting it in to practice on March 15. PDX Peace is taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the gathering, such as using solar and biodiesel power for the stage and action tents. We'll be cutting down on paper and other waste, thanks to advice from a master recycler and your help with recycling. Bike parking will be available as well as ample public transportation options so ditch the gas-guzzler and ride on down to stop the war!

Attention Tablers: We Need Your Help to Make this a Green Event
1. The most important action you can take is to provide a sign up sheet
for interested participants emails in order to educate them
electronically on your cause, therefore eliminating the need for paper.

2. If you must hand out documents please make sure they have information on both sides.

3. Tell people that there are several recycling areas located
throughout the event and encourage them to place the proper material in
the correct receptacle.

4. Finally, make sure the area you physically occupied is clean and that your recycling/trash is disposed of properly.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and if you have any questions please email our master recycler, Tina Frasnelly, at recycle@pdxpeace.org


World War None: the PDX Peace Music Festival
In addition to our all day Action Camp and the 2pm March and Rally, we have an amazing anti-war music line-up including March Forth Marching Band, Mic Crenshaw, Commotion with Ben Darwish, Dave Rovics and more. So be sure to come down for the whole day (10-6) to catch it all.

This dynamic expanded event costs money! Please give what you can to support PDX Peace and together we can build a vibrant, powerful movement for peace and justice.

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxpeace.org/

MAP of the peace march through downtown PDX 13.Mar.2008 02:56

Joe Anybody

Hello peace go-ers here is the link to the web page which has a map for the peace march on M15

the route
the route

anti-war students march together! 14.Mar.2008 18:35

a student

If you're a student and going to the march, meet at the Youth Tent at 2pm to unite as students and protest the war!