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Free Tibet ...China Shame Shame! <video>

On 3-9-08 I came across a march in progress in downtown Portland
At the end of the march and rally I asked one of the organizers what this all about and he explains why his day is important in the video
This is a 24 minute Google video filmed in Portland Oregon

On Sunday 3/9 the commemoration of the 49 years of China's Occupation of Tibet was acknowledged. With speakers and a march in Portland Oregon in solidarity with Tibetans living in exile. Who were and are exposed to human rights violations, genocide, involuntarily imprisonment, deforestation of their land, mining exploits, etc

The group who organized the event has more information at this website.

There is concern that China who is hosting the 08 Olympic is not following its agreement to improve the human rights in its country. The march highlights China un-willingness to cooperate and to be just. There is no justice as long as China is suppressing the truth and the flow of information in their country, and by neglecting international concerns of human rights abuses.
China....Shame Shame!

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anti-Olympics 11.Mar.2008 15:05

Ben Waiting

Beijing -

3/12/A few hundred Tibetan exiles started a six-month march to their homeland
Causing international headlines to cover their activism (despite being stopped within hours by Indian police)

The protesters, aiming to arrive at the Indian border with Tibet on the opening day of the Games to draw attention to Beijing's often harsh rule over their region, have succeeded again in using the Games to put Beijing on the defensive. Tibetans demonstrated in Dharamsala, India, Monday.
Rallies or marches were also held in Lhasa, Tibet; Olympia, Greece; Kathmandu, Nepal; New Delhi; San Francisco, and Portland

Read more here:


The Monk Oligarchy Will Stop At Nothing - Where Do They Get The Money? 14.Mar.2008 00:09


The Tibetan monks are the slave-owning class of Tibet. They just want the multitude of Tibetan serfs to wash their feet and do their chores again. And, of course be physically and spiritually raped again. This is a bargain basement way for the western elites to drum up belligerence against China. Sure, China is not so free. You think we are?

We don't hear about what China thinks about what we have done to the Lakotas, do we? Our elitish media organs certainly see to that!