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Breaking news: Marie Mason arrested!

Marie Mason has been arrested.
Breaking News: Marie Mason arrested!

Marie Mason, a well-known organizer in the Cincinnati area, was snatched from work today, March 10, by police. Following this, supporters arrived at her home in time to see it raided by members of the local police, FBI, and Homeland Security.

She has since been extradited to Michigan. Look out for more information. An article from last week about a separate incident:


ALERT - Cincinnati Greenscare Raids 10.Mar.2008 18:44


At approximately 11:38 AM est. long time environmental activist and
community organizer Marie Mason was arrested by federal agents. At the
same time at a separate location Agents from the FBI, Dept. of Homeland
Security and Cincinnati Intelligence Unit executed a search warrant on
Marie's home, detaining Marie's 16 year old daughter for close to an hour
before releasing her. Agents left with several boxes full of items from
Marie's home as well as a computer. Roughly two months ago, Marie and her
daughter were detained at gun point in their front lawn after discovering
a plainclothes officer from Cincinnati's Police Dept. Intelligence Unit
planting a GPS tracker on her car (See
 link to www.infoshop.org
). This represents the latest in a long and escalating line of harassment
by the agents of the state. At the time of writing, she is being
transported by Federal Agents to Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is unknown at
this time what charges Marie is facing.

Friends are in the process of establishing a support network for Marie and
raising funds for any potential legal costs. To get in contact with
Marie's support crew email b4pcrew [at] riseup [dot] net. More Information will be
posted as it becomes available.






question 10.Mar.2008 20:03

we should all know answer to?

where exactly are these tracking devices usually planted on cars? are they usually easy to find? thanks for getting this story out.

think again, asswipe
think again, asswipe

... 10.Mar.2008 21:41


WTF is the "Cincinnati Intelligence Unit"?

... 10.Mar.2008 21:43


One more thing: What's up with those pictures? What/who are they purporting to show?

update from supporters 11.Mar.2008 00:32

repost from infoshop.org

** UPDATE **

We have confirmed Marie is being held in the Butler County jail (southwestern Ohio) pending transfer to Michigan. She is being held on suicide watch which we believe is just another tactic of the state to break her down and further isolate her from friends and family.

Federal agents are contacting people on Marie's cell phone list claiming they are contacting folks on Marie's behalf to pass along information. We want everyone to know this is bullshit. We were able to briefly speak with Marie, who despite the current situation is in good spirits. Marie is not asking the state to contact anyone on her behalf. Realize if you know/knew Marie your contact information was likely seized when they raided her house. Understand these are old-school COINTELPRO style tactics that have been historically used to disrupt and confuse support networks and activist circles. Stay focused, stay safe, and don't talk to law enforcement no matter how innocent it may seem.

At this time there's a lot we don't know. Please understand speculation, rumors, and hearsay help no one. We will be forthcoming with confirmed information on Marie's current situation as it becomes available.

ELP Update 12.Mar.2008 08:18


From: ELP Support Network < elp4321@hotmail.com>
Date: March 11, 2008 11:53:52 AM PDT
Subject: [UrgentELP] Five accused of arsons in Michigan

Urgent ELP! Bulletin (11th of March 2008)

Dear friends

News is coming in of a number of raids/arrests involving American environmentalists.

The raids appear to be linked to an arson at Michigan State University in 1999 and another arson at a logging site in 2000. Both arsons where claimed at the time by the Earth Liberation Front.

Well known American Earth First! activist, Frank Ambrose, (who has been wrongfully accused of ELF actions in the past) told ELP he has been charged on three counts of arson and conspiracy to commit arson. Other people listed in the indictment include Marie Mason, Aren Berthwick, Stephanie Sultz, and an "un-named participant known to the grand jury."

At this moment in time ELP is unaware of what has happened to Aren Berthwick or Stephanie Sultz, but we are aware that Maria Mason has also been arrested and is currently in custody in Ohio and is expected to be extradited to Michigan.

If anyone knows anything about Aren or Stephanie please contact ELP as soon as possible.

ELP will keep you up to date with this news as we get it. In the meantime please send letters of support to:

Butler County Sheriff's Office & Correctional Complex
705 Hanover Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011


Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
BM Box 2407