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Blackwater Drops Plans for California Compound Amidst Local Outcry

from DemocracyNow.org
Blackwater Drops Plans for California Compound Amidst Local Outcry

The private military firm Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning plans for a massive training compound near San Diego following a groundswell of local opposition. Last December, residents of the town of Potrero voted out all five members of the local planning group who backed the Blackwater training camp in their area. The proposed "Blackwater West" included multiple firing ranges, training towers, an armory, a helipad, an urban simulation training area and a driving track. Blackwater says it's withdrawing its bid because of local noise regulations, not its unpopularity. Local residents say they plan to celebrate.


Great news! 10.Mar.2008 17:21

Jody Paulson

Privatizing our Military, National Guard and public police services should be against the law. We ought to call for a congressional bill outlawing outfits like Blackwater.

Protesters Drive Blood-spattered Car onto Blackwater Property NC ...12/07 10.Mar.2008 19:27

Joe Anybody

It is people getting actively involved that will be the biggest hope for change::

Activists bring it home to Blackwater headquarters in NC ......remember this one?
At leats one activists in North Carolina got some jail time (45 days)for his activism, while the Blackwater folks get none ...and they actually are doing real crimes, not mock demonstrations like in the attached picture from this link here


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<quote from different site - richmond indy media link>
At almost noon on Saturday, October 20th, an old silver Subaru, pock-marked with mock bullet holes, spattered in psuedo-blood and spray-painted "handiwork of Blackwater", pulled up in front of a large sign displaying a big bear-paw--the logo of Blackwater Worldwide. The sign sits just inside the property line of the private military contractor's 7,000 acre facility in the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina....Six "blood"-stained passengers emerged from the car........ <more>

demonstration regarding Blackwater killing people
demonstration regarding Blackwater killing people