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TOPOFF 5 Announced (Vancouver BC Olympics 2010)

TOPOFF 5 Announced (Vancouver BC Olympics 2010)

Keep in mind several things:

1. the US and Canada (under Harper) now have a pact of military exchange or control of the other if one is knocked out

2. environmentalists are continuing to be labeled by the Corporatist Media and the courts as "eco-terrorists"

3. the new homegrown terrorist act

4. the fire in northern Washington of the Mc Mansions was blamed by the media on ELF when in fact there is lots of evidence that it have been done for insurance reasons in a time when the housing market has cracked

5. InfraGard can shoot to kill during martial law to protect there business
TOPOFF 5 Announced
Published on Wednesday, March 05, 2008.

Source: Vancouver 24

Could Canada's Games be secured with help from Americans and Mexicans?
Canada, U.S. and Mexico are planning a massive joint military exercise in April 2009 "to focus on terrorist events that could affect [the] 2010 Olympics," according to Public Safety Canada documents released to 2010 Watch via access to information.

The rehearsal, led by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is code-named TOPOFF 5. Canadian troops were among the 15,000 participants involved in last October's TOPOFF 4 in Portland, Ore., Phoenix, Ariz. and Guam.

"Exercises provide unique training opportunities to strengthen our ability to deal with potential emergencies," said Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day in an e-mail statement responding to 24 hours' interview request. "They are important tools to strengthen Canada's ability to deal with real incidents."

An undated Public Safety Canada report said up to $22.8 million was needed to fund emergency management, counter-terrorism, cyber security and critical infrastructure protection exercises, "leading to a trilateral full-scale exercise prior to the Vancouver Olympic Games in 2010, as outlined under the Security and Prosperity Partnership."

SPP was founded in 2005 to promote economic growth and enhanced security in North America.
"Does it mean that if the American forces are training with Canadian forces that they are going to be positioned here in Canada during the period of the Olympic Games?" said 2010 Watch's Chris Shaw. "And, if so, under whose command?"