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Eugene Police Randomly Assult Naked Bike Ride of 100

During a mass Naked Bike Ride at 7:30 PM Saturday in Eugene officers harrased the procession and "attempted to arrest" some of the participants.
Early evening event "protesting oil dependency and celebrating human body" was assulted Saturday. The local newspaper reports that as cyclists wended, "...down Charnelton, one officer stopped his car in the middle of the intersection, got out and ordered the cyclists to stop and women to put their tops on." Several additional police and police vehicals showed up to act as voyeurs. "Most of the riders kept going, but when an officer grabbed one of hem, an angry group of naked bicyclists surrounded the officer, shouting and chanting for him to let the biker go." The officer released the cyclist free, but then, "grabbed the rear rack of another rider's bike." A policeman tackled Cassandra Hurd, a 21 year old Eugene student wearing only panties, to the ground. "Another officer trained his Taser on a naked man, who approached the scene. The other cyclists chanted, "Leave her alone! Leave her alone!" After the brief assult, the policeman released her, without charge, and the riders continued. "We attempted to make arrests but the crowd turned on the two officers... they elected to disengage before someone got hurt." Eugene police Lt. Rich Stronach told the press later, covering the department's rear.