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Michael Vicks dogs...Victory dogs

The dogs that Michael Vicks tortured are on the road to recovery thanks to Best Friends sanctuary.
I thought that the dogs Michael Vicks used in his fight arenas were all dead by now. Many humane associations said that they could not be saved after being tortured as they were. Tonight I learned that many, if not all of the dogs found in horrendous conditions at the luxurious Vicks estate have been taken to Best Friends sanctuary in Utah. There they have been cared for with compassion and understanding and have gradually become socialized with their human caregivers. National Geographic is following this story as it progresses. The cost of caring for these dogs is being covered, appropriately, by the Vicks estate.

Each dog is kept in a separate and roomy cage. They are friendly and even loving to the humans they have come to trust,but because they were trained to fight, they might still attack one another. Vicks's champion fighter bears terrible scars on his muzzle and back, but licks the face of his trainer today. The goal is for each dog to find a good and loving home, but those who cannot be totally rehabilitated will always have a home at Best Friends.

Here is the web address for Best Friends. They do some wonderful work.