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9/11 Truth Down Under Radio Show with John Bursill and Glen Clancy

9/11 Truth is breaking through in parliaments in Japan, Europe, even in the US Congress. The next major 9/11 Truth Conference will be held in Sydney, Australia March 14-16th. This show will look at the latest international developments and feature the organizer of the Sydney Conference, John Bursill and Glen Clancy, producer of the critical documentary about the Bali Bombings- Fool Me Twice.
9/11 Truth Tour
9/11 Truth Tour
Glen Clancy
Glen Clancy
9/11 Truth Oz Forum
9/11 Truth Oz Forum
<p>Listen 10:00- 12:00 pm (PST) to the <a href=" link to questioningwar-organizingresistance.blogspot.com and to our guests- <strong>John Bursill</strong>, <b>Glen Clancy</b> and others.</p>
<p><b>John Bursill</b> is one of the principle organizers of <a href=" link to www.911oz.com 2008 Truth Now Tour</a>, an International Conference, taking place in Sydney, Australia to critically examine the events of 9/11 and Australia's participation in the War on Terror. Themed- "Did Australia go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a false pretext?" the event will focus on what really occurred on September 11th and what has been done in the name of September 11th by the Australian government. The conference will examine how the US and Australian governments have actively sponsored, or been complicit in the cover-up, of terrorism.</p>
<p><b>John Bursill</b> lives in a small town outside of Sydney, and has worked for 21 years in engineering, including as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, (on Boeing 737, 747 and 767 series aircraft.) He has also served in the military, in the Australian Army (reserve) Infantry for 10 years, finishing up as acting Battalion Operations/Intelligence Sergeant. He has devoted much time to community service, music (his band is named <b>Spindrift</b>). He is almost forty, married with two young girls. He is a member of the Australian Green Party, the Returned Serviceman's League of Australia, the Australian Wilderness Society, Lions International, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He is passionately interested in 9/11 Truth and Justice. His hobby is motor cycles.</p>
<p><b>Glen Clancy</b>, from Victoria, Auatralia, created a <a href=" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4135706276167925924">"Fool Me Twice"</a> described as "A documentary about the Australian government's lies about the East Timor massacres, the cover-up of the Bali Bombings and subsequent anti-terror laws." The 25 year old, Clancy is Australia's <i>Dylan Avery</i> (of Loose Change fame). The work was originally created to be viewed online, but Clancy is working on improving the resolution for larger screen and theatrical viewing and will be premiered at the conference. He also has a double degree in arts and commerce, majoring in Japanese and Finance. He was extremely interested in politics from an early age until the Australian government committed to helping invade Iraq. Seeing <b>Loose Change</b> re-invigorated him and persuaded him that finally the criminals who had orchestrated the wars of the past century could finally be brought to justice. This lead him to the make <b>Fool Me Twice</b>. He is currently teaching English in Japan.</p>
Glen wrote (at the <a href=" http://www.myspace.com/foolmetwicethemovie">Fool Me Twice Blog</a> on December 4, 2008)</p>
<ul><i><br />
To all,</p>
<p>After discovering 911 was an inside job, through such movies as Loose Change, Terrorstorm and Zeitgeist, I decided to investigate the Bali bombings. The evidence was overwhelming. There had been a cover-up.</p>
<p>As shocking as the truth may be, please keep an open mind while viewing this documentary. FOOL ME TWICE is 100% sourced. Please see reference list below. I tried to produce a documentary as true to the genre as possible, limiting opinion and simply documenting the facts.</p>
<p>I believe that 911 Truth is one of the most important movements of our time and exposing the cover-up of the 2002 Bali bombings can help destroy the "911/War on terror/Al-CIAda" myth.</p>
<p>Please help spread this information.</p>
<p>Kind regards,</p>
<p>Glen<br />
<p>It is through the deep understanding, cooperation, research, talents of organizers, film makers, ordinary people living in extraordinary times, contributing to the consciousness raising of humanity, truth, peace and justice that there is a growing Truth Movement, which has even found voice recently in the parliaments of Japan, Europe, and the US Congress.</p>
<p>Additional guests will be contributing to this radio show with there insights on 9/11 Truth, the role of the Australian government in the "War on Terror" and the international movement.</p>
<p>The Call In numbers for the show are- Toll Free 888-202-1984, or if you have unlimited long distance, please use 512-646-1984.</p>
<p><a href=" http://questioningwar-organizingresistance.blogspot.com/">Questioning War - Organizing Resistance</a> is hosted by Carol Brouillet, a longtime activist who organized three conferences on Strategies to Transform the Global Economy and (the first) marches on her Senators and Congresswoman in January 2002 to Demand a Congressional Investigation of 9-11. She publishes the Deception Dollars, and Co-Founded the 9-11 Truth Alliance, and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance . She organized premieres of films, educational events, marches, rallies for 9-11 Truth, the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11, and produced the film Behind Every Terrorist- There is a Bush. She is also a mother of three boys and held a weekly Listening Project in downtown Palo Alto from October 2001 to October 2007, now she holds it once a month on the 11th, in solidarity with other 9/11 Truth activists worldwide. She ran for Congress in 2006 on the Green Party ticket on a 9-11 Truth, Peace, Impeachment platform and will be on the ballot again in 2008.</p>
<p>2007 Shows are archived at <a href=" http://mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet07.html">http://mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet07.html</a>, 2008 shows are archived at <a href=" http://mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet07.html">http://mp3.wtprn.com/Brouillet07.html</a>, 2008 shows are archived at <a href=" link to mp3.wtprn.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.questioningwar-organizingresistance.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 650-857-0927
address: address: PO Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Thanks Carol 08.Mar.2008 22:06


Thanks for posting this. It's great that 9/11 truth is going global. Much of it began at Portland Indymedia. This was one of the few Indymedias that published questions about the official lies immediately after 9/11.

great event! 09.Mar.2008 22:57


but beware the smooth operator


they can be everywhere