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Liberals swoon as window is broken on Times Square

This article looks at why the Times Square Bombing is a legitimate tactic to bring the end to the war. One that is not about action but stopping the system from going on.
At about 3:43 AM yesterday a bomb went off doing minor damage to the historic recruitment office on the Times Square island. Conventional bombs are normally divided into three large categories; Fragmentation bombs are designed so their casing blow into deadly fragments designed to do the most damage to the largest number of individuals. Incinary, designed to do use fire as a weapon, and concussion which is design mostly to damage physical structures. Modified consussion bombs are used to take a position with the minimum loss of life. Yesterday's bombing was done with a bomb meeting the discription of a concussion bomb and it was set off before the morning brought heavier traffic into the area. Dispite these facts, and the White House Statement that bombing "doesn't appear to be" a Terrorist act, Liberals such as the Daily Kos have alreadying begun using the T word in denoucing the bombing.

"It's nothing new for the right to CAUSE or INCITE the violence, or to trigger arranged mob responses, and make sure it all gets pinned on the Left. And the right seems to be able to get the FBI and law enforcement to do this for them as well. Anarchy, chaos, property damage, physical harm, mayhem, murder, militarized police with massive crowd control equipment, are all 'options' the right are eager to use to shut down any potentially energizing movement."

Trigger a mob response at Four AM? Incite violence, I am reminded very strongly of the pepper spraying of Anarchist by "peace keeping" reformist to prevent vandalism to a bank. Violence involves physical pain, injury or death to a living creature, not the destruction of a class window even if it does have Uncle Sam's picture on it. A few year's back American's were pondering why American's were hated in the third world? Could it be because we value the property of American's before the life of third world citizens? That the façade of an orderly peace loving society govern by reason is more important to middle class self-esteem that any substantial effort to create such a society. These are the reasons why the American dream, a mere illusion of democracy, is the nightmare of the rest of the world. As the false hearted Liberal movement commit themselves to denoucning the braking of a pain of glass, the Bush Administration lays the ground work for a proxi war in Latin America. A war Obama and Hillary or as likely to initiate as Bush himself. American's need to go beyond their meaningless self-delusions of being a peace loving people and address the reality that the US is easily the most aggressive militaristic state of our century. To turn our nation away from this path we need to stop acting like children and look at violence as it really effects are world.

Not all violence is terrorism, torturing people is terror, kidnapping people from their home at night, blowing up a wedding party. Terror is just what it says, using fear as a weapon. It's used by maining groups that can't stand up to a superior force in gaining the control of territory. Sabotage is the use of force to attack infrastructure or in other ways prevent buisness as ussual. This third category is were the Times Square bombing would seem to fit in. Instead of looking at this situation in the rational way American liberals so pride themselves on we rather see any act of truly resisting American imperialism as somewhat deranged.

"What you have here is a very frustrated individual, someone who is trying to send a message, but it is a very confused message," said Ray Pierce, a retired New York City detective who now works as a criminal profiler. - New York Times

Any message is obviously about the war, but the point being missing is that we are beyond the point of message. It's been almost a decade and we now need to act.
"The explosion caused minor damage and no injuries. But it prompted a huge police response that disrupted travel through and beneath Times Square." - Associate Press

Disrupting traffic on the buisness day in America's largest city, that means at least for a while no buisness as ussual. This is a more effective act than a dozen people holding signs each week for the past eight years. More effective than a million people gathering in DC on a weekend to send a message to politicians who know nothing will be done if they ignore that message. If liberal's don't want violence they need to stop sending messages and start using non-violent methods to shut down the State and not allow the war to go on.

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Real terrorism 07.Mar.2008 12:45

Jody Paulson


Recruits for our armed forces are routinely misled about their benefits, what this occupation is for, and the health (physical and mental) problems that will be visited on them and generations to come.

I acknowledge a need for our armed services and national guard -- to protect Americans in case of invasion or natural disaster. But a pre-emptive war for profit based on lies? Who are the real terrorists???

Violence is just a word like terrorism or collateral damage 08.Mar.2008 11:36


Main Entry: vi·o·lence
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1: exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse

You can not injure a window.
But this argument always goes the way of semantics because people's personal philosophical approach creates a fundamental "NEED" to try to find a way to modify the meaning of words to fit nicely within their rationalizations for their views.

There is also the issue of multiple definitions of the same word with the selected definition being used for a specific purpose.

Is he a "terrorist" or a "freedom fighter?"
Is he a "Warlord" or a "tribal leader?"
Is he a "violent killer of animals" or is he a "carnivore?"
Was it "collateral damage" or the "killing of innocent people?"

For some reason, people who can't intellectually defend their own thoughts often resort to using language to disguise their true motives, intentions, and thoughts. This has never been more apparent than the discussion about the definition of violence as it relates to resistance.

Doublespeak may be considered as "words deliberately constructed for political purposes: words, that is to say, which not only had a political implication, but were intended to impose a desirable mental attitude upon the person using them."

But it is nothing more than the use of language to change one's perceptions and thus their actions.
This is what is happening when people try to modify the real meaning of the word violence. The state has accomplished this goal by appealing to the minds of old hippies and liberals that are confused by the meaning of words. But it's doublespeak and nothing more.

It used to be considered wrong to construct words to disguise meaning, but this is now an accepted and established practice. In fact, our capitalist society has created a thriving industry in constructing words without explicit meaning but with particular connotations for new products or companies to be sold to the American public. The state and the corporate media use these techniques on a daily basis and we need to be smart enough as individuals not to allow them to do it.

By corrupting the language, the people who wield power are able to fool others about their activities and evade responsibility and accountability. Like eating your hamburger or chicken sandwich only to talk about the horrors of violence in between bites.

Hey if you want to characterize violence as simply being defined as anything destructive in any way, fine.
But how many people will use that definition on every aspect of their own lives?
That's right, very few.

The US government says it doesn't "intentionally" kill innocent people and then it uses a cruise missile or stealth bomber and takes out an entire city block despite knowing that innocent people will be killed.
But that's collateral damage not terrorism.

Bottom line: If you want to characterize what happened to the recruiting station as violence, then you better be prepared to characterize a whole lot of other things as violence or you should shut up.