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WHEELS OF JUSTICE BUS TOUR - <video> from 2/29/08

The "Wheels of Justice" Bus was parked across from the Portland Oregon Federal Building on 2/29/08 (Friday)
I was able to film a couple speeches and a few songs during the lunch hour

There is some good first hand information from the bus folks as they give a brief description of what they are doing and what they have seen

And the music was very inspiring
Wheels of Justice Tour 2008
Wheels of Justice Tour 2008
Here is the 50 minute google video:


"Wheels of Justice Tour" stopped in Portland on 2/29 to speak about Occupations of Iraq and Palestine.
The mobile peace center has made over a thousand stops at campuses, peace groups, and faith communities promoting non violent solutions to war and occupation.
The bus has been touring for eight years.

This video was filmed at the Terry Schrunk Plaza during the sunny lunch hour in downtown Portland Oregon
The two short speeches in this video are by:

Qumiyeh is Palestinian American and former Professor of Genetics Yale University School of Medicine.
He is author of the widely acclaimed book
"Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle"

Mike Miles, is a catholic worker and founder of Anathoth Community Farm, a center for the study of nonviolence,
community, and sustainable living in Wisconsin.
He holds a masters degree from North Park Seminary in Chicago and has been arrested numerous times while
practicing active nonviolence over the past 25 years.

Also a short interview with Bill the bus driver is near the middle of this video

The singing was by (mike) and two (familiar)<?> ladies who I didn't catch (remember) their names
(please post them if anyone know)
They sang a few passionate protest/activist songs which was appreciated by me and the couple dozen listeners who were there in the plaza during that hour

The "Wheel Of Justice" bus looks like it was scheduled to be at PSU today 1/6(noon) and the meeting spot was PSU Smith Center
I was unable to make it to that event today

More about them, as well as getting on their mailing list, can be found on the bus website:

This group is a grass roots organization that is funded by donations!

"Solidarity with non violence activist"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com