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Briana Waters Guilty on 2 Counts, Hung Jury on 30 year Sentence?

Seattle Times is reporting Briana Waters was found guilty on 2 counts--5 years each
Seattle Times is reporting that Briana Waters was found guilty on 2 counts, each with a minimum of 5 years:


Can someone explain how this works? Does this mean they can or cannot retry on the other charges? Can she serve these sentences concurrently?

What it means 06.Mar.2008 15:48

Perry Mason Fan

Based on years of experience watching lawyer shows on tv, it means that the judge will have the discretion whether to sentence her to concurrent or consecutive sentences, and whether to allow the prosecutors to retry her on the other charges. Of course the prosecution has the discretion to ask for a new trial on the outstanding charges. The past behavior of these prosecutors would suggest that they will attempt to do so.