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Action Alert: Funds and Volunteers Needed at Lighthouse

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary Needs Help!
6. Action Alert: Funds and Volunteers Needed at Lighthouse

Many of you are familiar with Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, which recently relocated from West Salem when they purchased a permanent home in Scio, Oregon. This winter has been particularly hard at the farm due to weather conditions (flooding, snow, freezing temperatures), unexpected veterinary costs, and an increased number of calls coming in for animals in need of rescue. Donations have been very, very low, and the farm's funds are dangerously depleted. As compassionate vegans/vegetarians and animal rights and welfare activists, we need to step up to the plate and protect our local sanctuary. Emergency funds are needed ASAP. Please make as large a donation as you can (no amount is too small) and please consider volunteering at one of the twice-monthly work parties.

Our diet and lifestyle choices may save animals, but rescued animals need care, and care requires money and hard work. Please visit www.lighthousefarmsanctuary.org for work party details and information on animal sponsorships and donations.

Curious 07.Mar.2008 20:15


Can you provide names of individuals who own/operate the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary?