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Washington County Peace Vigil

photos from 3-5-08 Peace Vigil
Thirty three patriots assembled tonight at 5th and Hall in Beaverton tonight to protest the ongoing illegal occupation of Iraq.It is almost the 5 year anniversary of the start of the illegal invasion/occupation of Iraq.It is sad to think that we are still assembling every wednesday night hoping that our men and women come home.Vote the bums out and those who vote and goose step with this Bush/Cheney cabal.

Bush: McCain 'Is Not Going To Change' My Foreign Policy
At the White House today, President Bush threw his support behind Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). In a press conference after a private lunch, a reporter asked the duo how McCain would "make the case that you're going to provide the change that the voters seem to want."

Bush quickly cut in, declaring that McCain is "not going to change":

BUSH: And the good news about our candidate there will be a new president, a man of character and courage, but he's not going to change when it comes to taking on the enemy. He understands this is a dangerous world.

Following up on the press conference, Rich Lowry of the National Review said on Fox News that Bush is framing McCain as embracing his old platforms, "someone determined absolutely to take on our enemy and someone with a big heart who cares for those who hurt." Lowry said McCain was shaping up to be Bush's "successor":

Who does that sound like? A 'compassionate conservative' who wants to take on our enemies. It sounds like George W. Bush. ... That's obviously the way he views John McCain, as a successor to himself. As a "compassionate conservative" who wants to stay in Iraq indefinitely, McCain is officially pursuing the "third Bush term."

I hear ya! 06.Mar.2008 01:22

Joe Anybody

Good Job - thanks for the Wash county update

The Vigils continue...