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election fraud

anyone but alex '08

There is only one candidate for Lane County District Attorney - deputy d.a. Alex Gardner. Any Democrat willing to run against him would almost surely win.
After 25 years as District Attorney in Lane County, F. Douglass Harcleroad is hanging up the gavel. Deputy District Attorney Alex Gardner announced his candidacy on June 11, 2007.

Mr. Gardner has dozens of endorsements from the Eugene Police Department (Melinda Kletzok, Mel Thompson, Ryan Wolgamott), Lane County (Rob Rockstroh, Alicia Hays) and other prominent citizens (Gretchen Hult Pierce). He's got the current mayor of Springfield (Sid Leiken) and a former mayor of Eugene (Jim Torrey) and of course, lots of friends at LCDA (Alison Brown, Emen Ibanga, David Vill, Jay McAlpin, Bob Lane, Paul Graebner, Angela Pershern, Patty Perlow, F. Douglass Harcleroad).

He's endorsed by District Attorneys from Deschutes (Mike Dugan), Linn (Jason Carlisle), Benton (John Haroldson), Lincoln (Bernice Barnett), Douglas (Jack Banta) and Klamath (Ed Caleb) counties. He's got support from the Lane County Sheriff's Office (Russ Burger, Les Sieczkowski) and Coburg Police (Corey Mertz), and David Crowell, the public "member" of the OR SB111 planning committee. He's got many Richards (Richard Charboneau, Richard Hill, Richard Jones, Richard Lewis, Richard Trimble) and countless other D*cks, including Eugene City Councilors George Poling and Mike Clark and Jack Roberts.

He's endorsed by the Coburg, Junction City, Florence, Oakridge and Springfield Police Departments and the Eugene Police Employees Association (Willy Edwaard). Unbelievably, he's even got the Executive Director of MADD, Lois Harvick.

The deadline to file an application for this position is March 11. Currently, Deputy D.A. Gardner is running unopposed.


The Lane County D.A. has repeatedly insulted the intelligence of Lane County residents in the last few years.

1.D.A. Harcleroad, Deputy D.A. Gardner, A.D.A. Erik Hasselman and A.D.A. David Vill were way too easy on the men who killed Ryan Salisbury, Lucy Lahr, Katie Lovelace and Tim Reams (EPD Officer Shawn Trotter, Robert Berryhill, Lee Stubbs, Aaron Heyer).

2. A.D.A. Hasselman was punitive, petty and cost-ineffective in resentencing environmental activist Jeff Luers.

3. While A.D.A. Lane filed charges against former EPD officer Roger Magana, his probable accessory in his 42 felony convictions (Detective Mel Thompson) and others who enabled him (former EPD Chiefs Thad Buchanan and Leonard Cooke) got off scot-free.

Given the feelings in Lane County about Magana, Luers, Salisbury, Lahr and others, any Democrat who ran against Mr. Gardner for Lane County District Attorney in 2008 would have an excellent chance of winning.

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