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Evergreen Arrests

This article will address the arrest that happened in Olympia in relation to the events that took place at The Evergreen State College on Feb 14th
This morning five people were arrested in relation to the events that took place at the Evergreen State College on February 14th. All five are being held with out bail and are being charged with felonies. It is suspected that they will arraigned tomorrow morning. Supporters are calling for Rallies out side Thurston County Court House this afternoon and Tomorrow Morning at 8:30am. The Court House is 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW in Olympia WA.

Can't come up now, but 05.Mar.2008 16:28


want the arrestees to know they have my full support and i'll be at the next port action. keep us posted on how things turn out for them. are they (the arrestees) making their names public?