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Audio and Photog Report Back from Tre Arrow Arraignment

The arraignment was held before U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Dennis J Hubel, and Tre Arow was represented by local attorney Paul Loney.
After the arraignment, Shauna Scarpiti
After the arraignment, Shauna Scarpiti
and Paul Loney are beseiged by media
and Paul Loney are beseiged by media
Right out of the gate, the attorney for the prosecution moved to disqualify Paul Loney due to a conflict of interest stemming from a period of time when he shared an office at the Belmont Law Center with Stu Sugarman, who from June of 2000 to August of 2001, was the attorney for Jacob Sherman, one of the witnesses who will be testifying against Tre Arrow. Claiming that a substantial part of the Defense would be to discredit these witnesses due to deals made with the government for drastically reduced sentences, the prosecution claimed that by sharing an office with Sugarman, Loney would have been privy to confidential information. This was vehemently denied by Loney, who says that there was no communication between him and Sherman, and all he did was stand in for Sugarman for a court date. He also added that this was a common practice and does not constitute conflict of interest.

The judge said that this was not his decision and that any final decision would have to be made by District Court Judge James A. Redden, who will be hearing the case.

The prosecution had two charges against Tre, but informed the judge that the first would be subsequently dropped, as it was not included in the request for Tre's extradition from Canada.

Arrow's attorney made a request as well. He requested that the indictments and attendant paperwork list Tre Arrow as Tre Arrow and not Michael Scarpiiti as some of the documents had done. The judge ruled that both names would go forward in the court documents at least for the time being.

Also Loney requested that a special diet be afforded Tre Arrow, who insists upon a raw food diet, according to the teachings of the Essene Faith. The judge ordered the Marshals to accommodate this request.

When the prosecuting attorney claimed that Arrow was a flight risk and a danger to the community, Loney reserved the right to a detention hearing for a future time concerning the question of bail.

Tre waived his right to a formal reading of the charges against him. Loney requested that Tre remain in the Multnomah County jail to be more easily accessible to attorneys, family and friends. But, the judge ruled that the Marshals had to make no special arrangements for Tre in this regard and left the matter in the Marshal's friends.

Trial was set for May 6, 2008, giving the Prosecution 10 days to provide the Defense with what is legally referred to to as Discovery. It is the evidence intended to be presented against him in the trial and there is only a period of 21 days to submit legal Motions to the judge.

A brief interview with Shauna Scarpiti, sister of Tre Arrow, before the arraignment:
Shauna Scarpiti, RealPlayer
Shauna Scarpiti, MP3

A brief interview with Attorney Paul Loney, after the arraignment:
Paul Loney, RealPlayer
Paul Loney, MP3

Future developments on this case will be posted to Tre Arrow Website

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