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FUNK THE WAR! March 19th War Anniversary Action

On the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war, Portland's radical community will be taking on Portland's war profiteers. While were at it, we plan to throw the one of the best parties the streets of Portland have ever seen.
On Wednesday, March 19th, the fifth anniversary of the American
bombing of Iraq, Portland's radical community will be bringing the war
back home--and getting funky while doing it. We plan to target those
in our city who profit most from imperialism with the best dance party
to hit the streets of Portland in recent memory. Come express your anger at war
profiteers by disrupting business as usual and manifestin' direct
resistance to the corporations; come show your solidarity by dancing
in the streets, making music rather than profit, and connecting with
others in a community united to resist imperialism.
We can no longer express our dissent through endless marches merely
asking for peace, nor can we simply lash out randomly at all
manifestations of the system that drives the war machine. On this
anniversary we'll be very specific. When we show up outside the doors
of Portland's war profiteers, there'll be no doubts as to why we are

We recognize that people's ways of resisting are diverse, and we
encourage a multiplicity of creative expressions of resistance
(particularly those of a funky variety). However, we ask people to be
aware of the effects of their actions on those around them. After
all, this is a dance party...

Demand Peace! Demand Life! Demand Joy! Demand the Funk!

Meet at Terry-Shrunk Park (SW 3rd and Madison), 12:30 PM, March 19.
Bring the supplies that YOU need to help you resist war (particularly
Instruments and other noise making devices). Food, medics and legal
support will be on hand.

Flyers needed 04.Mar.2008 14:12

no pants dance party

Heyohh.. The link to flyer's on this website never work, can someone post a separate link puhleasee.. Thanks