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nutjob cops paralyzed man needlessly

as if we haven't heard enough tales of cops-gone-wrong, we get a report
out of Coquille, Oregon that a Coos County grand jury has cleared 2 police
officers involved in an arrest that left a man paralyzed from the neck down.

Not all of the jury-members agreed with the majority that cleared the cops.

Carl Foster, 57, suffered a broken neck resisting arrest last month when the
cops "took him down" Foster suffered from a degenerative condition that so
weakened his spine, that substantial injury resulted from their "take down".

The two cops were trying to arrest Foster because of his behavior following
the breakup of his relationship with a Julie Tabernig of Coquille. The cops
found Foster the following day, but he refused to answer their questions as
to what had happened, so they put him under arrest.

Foster's daughter, Kaycee Faught, said Monday she was disappointed with
the decision. She said doctors expect her father to be paralyzed for life.

Welcome to Bush's Republican AMERIKA where the cops get by with such stuff!
 link to www.kgw.com
08:54 AM PST on Tuesday, February 26, 2008/Associated Press

thanks for reporting this 28.Feb.2008 17:50

Coos Bay copwatcher

the two cops involved are notorious and this horrible incident didn't have to happen. It happened
only because the two cops involved have "bad attitudes" and are well known to being control freaks
and their respective ties to the local "power structure" allows them to get by with a lot that I'm
sure the cops in Portland would be castigated for. Till enough people here wake-up and see what in the hell is going on, there will be changes...only worst is yet to come as these two clowns are
now all the more emboldened with their "power tripping"...they've got a cripple man for life to their list...mighty powerful men they are, aren't they?