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$4.00 a gallon gas!

$4 dollar a gallon and what groceries will cost veryone! Bush & Company coulld care less (after all he is a BILLIONAIRE).
It hasn't been that long ago veryone was paying somewhere around $1.60 to maybe $1.80 a gallon. Now look what is comeing down the pipe $4+ dollars a gallon and republicans could less. They are the ones responsible for this great big mess created by the oil barons. He took this country to war invading soereign nation that had nothing to do with September 11, 2001. He has driven this country to near bankruptcy (current national dept is around 10 TILLION dollars) and is intent on driving it even higher, meanwhile giving more tax brakes to the wealthest people in the country and taking away the safegards that have protected the poorest people here! Read on! The new year opened with good news for motorists: gasoline prices continue to move lower. The U.S. average is down to $1.77 today, compared to Oregon?s statewide average of $1.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded. Since the last week in December, the national average fell by one and one-half cents per gallon; the Oregon average declined by more than 3 cents per gallon. Crude oil continues to trade in the low $40 per barrel range, prompting expectations that pump prices could drop even further. "How long these more favorable prices will last remains to be seen," said AAA Oregon Public Affairs Director Elliott Eki. "This month, OPEC enacts its decision to reduce crude oil production by 1.5 million barrels per day. Additionally, cold winter weather is driving up demand for home heating fuel." For the time being, however, motorists should shop around for the best pump prices. In the Portland metropolitan area, prices as low as $1.63 and as high as $1.90 per gallon have been reported. At $1.81, Oregon?s average price drops to 18thhighest in the nation. Hawaii tops the list at $2.42. California?s average price fell to $1.98, Nevada?s and Idaho?s are down to $1.89, and Washington?s is $1.84. Missouri has the lowest average price at $1.61 per gallon, up 2-cents since last week. BOISE - Idaho and U.S. gas and diesel prices continue to eclipse record February prices during what is traditionally one of the slowest travel demand periods of the year, according to Idaho's AAA. The travel organization said Idaho's average price for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline is up another 5 cents in the past seven days to $1.67. That's about eight cents lower than the state's all-time record price of $1.75 set in October 2000 and 49 cents more than a year ago. The US average price is $1.66, just six cents lower than the $1.72 record price set in May 2001. Idaho and US gas prices are both up about 20 cents in the past month. US and Idaho diesel prices average $1.75 and $1.70 respectively, both also sharply up from a month ago. Crude oil prices topped the $37 a barrel mark earlier this week, the highest mark in two years. The US oil industry blames higher prices on low inventories of crude oil and gasoline in the United States. Gasoline retailers, objecting to any inference that they are profiting from the current price situation, blame the high prices on refiners and distributors, who, in turn, claim they do not have enough gasoline on hand to justify lower wholesale prices. "Much of finger pointing ultimately reflects fear and speculation about possible war with Iraq and the nation's heightened terror status, not the sudden change in oil or gasoline supplies," said AAA Idaho Director of Public and Government Affairs Dave Carlson. "AAA continues to urge the industry to avoid panic pricing, which will only result in panic buying, which could cause local fuel shortages," Carlson said. The travel organization, which represents 45 million members in North America, also encourages consumers to shop aggressively for the best price on gasoline, look for ways to limit their gasoline consumption and keep their vehicles properly maintained to increase fuel economy. That includes but is not limited to, consolidating trips, ridesharing and using the proper octane fuel for your vehicle. State average gasoline prices run from a high of $1.93 in California to a low of $1.53 in Georgia. Here are average self-serve regular gasoline prices for three cities in Idaho: Boise, $1.66; Pocatello, $1.60; Coeur d'Alene, $1.68.

That's not the only thing that's getting expensive 28.Feb.2008 09:59

Jody Paulson

Wheat prices doubled almost overnight

As gas prices increase and the dollar falls, the cost of food will skyrocket. My advise would be to get a membership in one of those warehouse grocery places, and buy a boatload of canned food for a rainy day (or days).

That would be exactly the wrong thing to do 28.Feb.2008 11:05

big box apocalypse

With rising gas prices those mega marts will actually be the first things to go out of business, since they are so reliant on transporting food thousands of miles by trucks and planes. The more logical course of action would be strengthening local food systems like; farmers markets, co-ops and permaculture groups.

Grow your own food 28.Feb.2008 20:16

or dumpster dive

At the beginning so much food will start going in the trash because people won't be able to pay the prices for fresh produce but big chain stores won't have started shipping less yet, then it will be a dumpster divers heaven. After that most people better at least start growing a good deal of their own food if they expect to survive.