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Leap Day Actions in Portland

This leap day *February 29* imagine everyone who feels smothered living a mediocre life within the current insane system rising up to resist in whatever way they can. Take leap day off work and live life like it really mattered. Spend the day as a free and whole being. Maybe that means spending time alone, or maybe it means with friends, or with your whole block, or even the whole city. Maybe it means tearing down the forces that seek to force you back to work and back onto you knees on March 1. Maybe living free for a day means spending the day creating new structures, new ideas, new forms of cooperation and a whole new reality which make you happier and freer. You don't have to wait for tomorrow, and you don't have to ask anyone for permission.

Leap for it!
Leap Day Action

Improvised Actions to make another world possible.

We are going to meet at Critical Mass at 5:30pm under the West Side of the Burnside bridge. Then ride round and round, where the action stops nobody knows.

We can say it's going to be fun, creative, bring your garden tools and art supplies.

homepage: homepage: http://leapdayaction.org/