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Community Organizing and Direct Action training with The Ruckus Society

Activist Spring Training with the Ruckus Society

The Blue Heron Infoshop presents weekend of training aimed at
remembering what we struggle for and how we can go about it. We've
teamed up with The Ruckus Socity from Oakland, CA to bring in some of
the best activist trainers around.

Their workshops are geared towards creating basic activist skill and an
applicable understanding of direct action. All are invited and the
trainings are free.

Workshops Schedule:

Saturday-March 1st
11:00am-Community Organizing
2:00pm-Campaign Strategies
Sunday-March 2nd
11:00am-Nonviolent Direct Action 101
2:00pm-Direct Action Planning

Blue Heron Infoshop
Reed College-Grey Campus Center room 34
3203 SE Woodstock