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Important Findings about Vitamin D

What they have discovered and are continueing to discover about (so-called) Vitamin D.
It turns out that Vitamin D is not a 'vitamin', but an essential hormone that regulates many things in our bodies. We very rarely get Vit. D in our diet (cod liver oil) and recent discoveries show its importance to our health.

A very informative video (80 minutes) is free online and will shake your faith in the USDA's 'minimum daily requirements'.

From the University of Wisconsin, which is one of the very first research facilities in the world, "Vitamin D: The New Old Natural Wonder Drug", 3/7/06.

The first 30 minutes is about the history of dietary research (yawn) but it is actually none the less interesting.


ahh, however 27.Feb.2008 22:30

wikipedia for the win

Mushrooms provide over 2700 IU per serving (approx. 3 oz or 1/2 cup) of vitamin D2, if exposed to just 5 minutes of UV light after being harvested; this is one of a few natural sources of vitamin D for vegans.