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Community discussion- local sustainability group wants advice- Friday 29th

The Social Permaculture Advocacy Collective is hosting a community discussion on whether or not it needs a nonprofit status to accomplish its goals- first and foremost to assemble a library, study and meeting place. What is the S. P. A. C.? It's a new collective based in Portland, interested in researching what REAL sustainability will look like and then making it happen- not "going green," buying energy efficient light bulbs, but replacing civilization itself with community, equality & sustainability; learning how we as the descendants of imperialism can take responsibility for our and our ancestors wrongdoings on this land.
The S.P.A.C. wants to do a number of things, like assemble a library and host free workshops dealing with how we as inhabitants of an increasingly degraded ecosystem and social environment can learn to change our behavior in order to stop destroying nature and in order to survive without civilization. To accomplish these goals we thought it would be handy to establish a non-profit, and to purchase the materials needed for these things with donated and raised funds. But starting a non-profit REALLY SUCKS, It's HORRIBLE (the IRS makes sure thats true). So we want to know if our neighbors think we should just tough it out and do it, or take some other path, whether it be seeking umbrella status, just working within an already established nonprofit, asking some other organization or individuals for help, or bank robbing (...just kidding!). WHO SHOULD COME TO THIS DISCUSSION: people who look around and see that things are a lot worse then the mainstream says they are, people who think permaculture is interesting but realize that it isn't really doing it's job or hasn't quite got the whole picture, people interested or actively engaged in re-integrating with nature (in a not-stupidly-masculine/culture-appropriating kind of way) aka trackers, anarchists who feel that anarchism isn't getting where it needs to be, anti-civs, eco-feminists, indigenous rights activists, people who have ideas for projects and either want a non-profit to help them with funding or who think it's un-necessary and are ready to explain why! WHO SHOULDN'T COME TO THIS DISCUSSION: People who think that buying hybrid cars and going solar is THE answer and are trying to convince everyone else that (or worse, sell those things) AKA green capitalists... fascists, hipsters without hope of recovery... WHEN? Friday, the 29th of this month, 1:00 pm WHERE? 1905 SE Clinton (one block south of Devision) 97202, PDX (current home of the now pitiful and quite temporary S. P. A. C. Library) If you feel like it, you should bring some clearly marked vegetarian, vegan, freegan, hunted, gathered or roadkilled food for sharing with your neighbors! IF SUFFICIENT NUMBERS OF PEOPLE CONTACT US WHO WANT TO SHOW UP BUT CAN'T WE WILL HOLD ANOTHER MEETING AT SOME LATER DATE. Community! Equality! Sustainability! - the S. P. A. C.

homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/spac_nonprofit
address: address: 1905 SE Clinton