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Santa Cruz, CA activists house and car raided - Major charges may be coming

Santa cruz activist house raided and belongings seized. No arrests made.
Obviously this article is full of bullshit. This is a very serious situation for those involved. The San Jose Mercury News mentioned that the raid was part of an ongoing investigation into "stalking, criminal conspiracy, and home invasion."

February 26, 2008
Students Are Implicated in Attack on Animal Researcher's Family

Students at the University of California at Santa Cruz reportedly participated in an attack on the home of a researcher there who uses animals in research, according to an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The incident happened on Sunday, when six masked intruders banged on the door of a scientist who studies breast cancer and neurological diseases. When a family member of the researcher answered the door, he was struck by the protesters, who then fled. A witness took down the license plate of the car used by the assailants.

Police officers later raided a house where three Santa Cruz students were apparently residents, the Sentinel reported. The police confiscated computers and other materials but made no arrests.

George Blumenthal, chancellor of the university, condemned the attack, calling it a "criminal act that threatens, intimidates, and stifles academic freedom."

Earlier this month, animal-rights extremists attacked the home of a researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles. The university last week obtained a temporary restraining order against three organizations and five individuals.

The Chronicle covered the UCLA attack here and the granting of the restraining order here.

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I will feature it. This is very important but we have a policy of not featuring corporate reposts.



The husband of the researcher was "hit on the hand" as he was attacking the protesters. HE WAS ATTACKING THEM! Trying to get their identities, detain them, and lash out at them because he was pissed that anyone would dare to protest his wife's nasty work. It was not a "home invastion." That's more hype. It was a loud protest that vivisector and her idiot husband escalated.

Don't post this kind of crap until you have more of the story.