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Clackamas Co. to hold hearing on Use of Deadly Force

ALERT: Public hearing on Wednesday re: the use of deadly force in Clackamas County.
The hearing will be held by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office and will address the county's draft of a new policy re: the use of deadly force. According to the O, the new policy was drafted "to satisfy a 2007 state law aiming to bring uniformity and fairness to the processes following a police shooting."

The hearing begins at 5:30 pm Wednesday in Courtroom 5 of the Clackamas County Courthouse, 807 Main Str., Oregon City.

Draft copies of the plan will be available at the hearing and afterward at: www.clackamas.us/sheriff. A two week public commenting period follows.

Police use of deadly force accounted for 40% of the homicides in Clackamas County in 2005, the year Fouad Kaady was gunned down so cruelly and needlessly. Since June of last year, Clackamas Co. deputies have been involved in 3 lethal force cases. To my knowledge, every officer involved in a lethal force case in Clackamas County has been cleared of wrong doing by secret grand juries.

I urge anyone who can make it, to attend the hearing tomorrow. If you can't do that, please take the time to download the proposed plan and offer your comment. This is one of our chances to speak out. Let them hear us roar!

The new law 26.Feb.2008 15:10


I tried to do a little digging on this new state law. I vaguely remember it, but not the details. Didn't have much time, but did find this on SB 111, which I assume was the basis for the new law(s):  http://landru.leg.state.or.us/07reg/measures/sb0100.dir/sb0111.intro.html

It's quite long, but the summary reads as follows (in part):


Creates planning authority in each county to develop plan
concerning use of deadly physical force by police officers.
Directs planning authority to submit plan to governing body of
each law enforcement agency within county except Department of
State Police and Department of Justice. Specifies required
elements of plan. Directs governing body to approve or disapprove

Authorizes Department of Justice, to extent funds are
appropriated for such purposes, to make grants to law enforcement
agencies for expenses incurred in implementing and revising
approved plans.

Establishes procedures for law enforcement agencies to follow
in dealing with use of deadly physical force and for grand jury
proceedings in which use of deadly physical force is element.

Appropriates moneys from General Fund to Department of Justice
for grants and for grand jury recording and transcription costs.

Declares emergency, effective on passage.

Of concern though, is the make-up of the members of the "deadly
physical force planning authority." Also from the bill:

SECTION 2. { + (1) There is created in each county a deadly
physical force planning authority consisting of the following
(a) The district attorney and sheriff of the county.
(b) A nonmanagement police officer selected by the district
attorney and sheriff. If there are unions representing police
officers within the county, the district attorney and sheriff
shall select the police officer from among candidates nominated
by any union representing police officers within the county.
(c) If at least one city within the county employs a police
chief, a police chief selected by the police chiefs within the
(d) A representative of the public selected by the district
attorney and sheriff. The person selected under this paragraph
may not be employed by a law enforcement agency.
(e) A representative of the Oregon State Police selected by the
Superintendent of State Police.
(2) The district attorney and sheriff are cochairpersons of the
planning authority.

Since cops and the DA make up the bulk of the "planning authority" and the only member of the public that is allowed to participate at that stage is hand picked by the DA and sheriff, it is important that we take advantage of this one and only chance we have been afforded to make ourselves heard on this particular issue.

Taser Market/Sales equals Neglegence! 28.Feb.2008 09:30

David Grace, from the SF Bay area...

I ran into an interview with a TASER representitive today and was surprised to hear they are actively placing it on the open market. If you have anyone on your list that works on lawsuits regarding TASER, I urge you to cc this to them. The company is advertising the product in a negligent manner that is unprecedented.

The interview was done on a network radio show called "Online Tonight with David Lawrence"  http://www.onlinetonight.net It was run on some Disney Radio stations.

When you go to that site you will be sent to  http://smartfamilytour.com - and on that front page you will see an entry for this interview from Jan 7, 2008 "Taser and Behind the Scenes at CES" There are other interviews and listener comments about the TASER in other shows. Doing a word search of TASER at the main page will find them.

Specifically the interview can be heard on-line at < http://www.smartfamilyshow.com/audio/2008/01/07/OLT01072008_19.mp3>

My Best,
David Grace
"All it takes is the signature of a low ranking NCO to send someone right around the world and have them locked up indefinitely but it takes the signature of the secretary of defense to let them go." --Torin Nelson, Private Intelligence Contractor

Re: Taser marketing 29.Feb.2008 01:35


Kind off topic of the original post but related to last comment:

I caught a part of some news show while I was at work the other day that showed women giving home Taser parties - like Tupperware or something - selling Tasers for personal use to the other women at the party! It was freakin nuts. They even come in a pretty metallic pink color now - presumably to match your hot new pink cell phone?