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Evergeen Staff Requested To Disclose All Riot Related Communications

It would appear that a "concerned citizen" has filed a public records request and all staff at the Evergreen State College must now disclose all of their communications regarding the riot.
This is the email forwarded to staff:

Good Afternoon Folks,

As a public institution, we are required to comply with any Public Records Requests. A citizen has asked for,

"... .request for access to, and potentially for copies of all records related to the recent arrest of an individual by state personnel on 2/15/08, and a subsequent "riot" that occurred in aftermath of the arrest. Records would include investigative files; email between staff members; email from and to staff members; all communications with outside agencies, etc."

If you have any emails or other communications regarding these events, please forward them to Maryam Jacobs. You don't need to forward TESC Crier or TESC Talk emails. These records are due by Wednesday the 5th.

Ken Tabbutt
Academic Dean

More information will be posted as it develops.


Question? 26.Feb.2008 15:13


While information can be requested by citizens and should be provided, I wonder whether it is appropriate for the information to be released prior to an investigation is completed? Especially if there is likely to be legal actions? Is there a lawyer who can answer this?