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You Can be Invisible to Cameras - Cool!

Some infared leds and a headband = electronic invisibility. Any radio shack geeks out there want to give this a try?
A German art project could help the British avoid the oppressive proliferation of surveillance cameras in their country. The I-R.A.S.C is simple, consisting of a circle of infra-red LEDs mounted on a headband. The infra red is invisible to The Man, but will cause CCTV cameras to flare out over the face of the wearer, obscuring his identity and making this the digital equivalent of a hooded sweatshirt.

This is not a production unit, but given that you'd only need a hat, a battery and a few LEDs, you could easily knock one up in the garage.


They couold quickly fix that 26.Feb.2008 06:12

Mike Novack stepbystpefarm <a> mtdata.com

What is being said here is that because the cameras used WOULD pick up longer wavelenghts than visible light (if present) they could be swamped by a large amount of infra-red light.

The problem is that in this application the cameras are being used to IDENTIFY by the visual -- not, for example, to distinguish between live people (higher temporature) and dead people (ambient temperature) which would be different in terms of radiated infra-red. So since the cameras don't need to be able to accept infra-red in order to serve their intended purpose, the suggestion here would work only until they stuck "high pass" filters over the camera lenses (let through light less than 7000 Angstroms, block anything longer wavelength).

Bullshit 26.Feb.2008 15:45


I was a telecommunication engineer for 30 years. Anything causing the slightest interruption will increase the ambient "noise level." You don't need 100% invisibility to evade the watchers. Trust me on this. If it comes to hand; use it! Maybe it will work, or maybe it won't; but don't trust the moles to clue you in!