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Throw Away Your Fluoride Toothpaste Now.

We are being poisoned by the things we think are protecting us. Nothing new
The problem with fluorine is that it upsets the HPA axis via damage to the pineal gland's control of night-day sensing and release of metatonin and control of pituitary TSH that regulates thyroid hormones of the body. When fluorides damage this system, it causes depletion of glutathione enzymes in the body and the process that leads to illness, diseases, and cancer.Like the heart, fluoride also affects the small organ with the highest blood circulation that is the "Pineal Gland" in the middle of the brain. The pineal gland is extremely sensitive to fluoride. This gland is called the "Minds Eye" or "Third Eye" and is sensitive to night and day, and regulates melatonin, a strong antioxidant, in the brain. These are essential to proper brain health and function, as they aid in cell repair and even eyesight. Rising levels of fluoride in the environment are producing the need for drugs like SSRI's and the problems of eyesight with aging. Fluoride upsets the enzymes that form serotonin.

Healthy pineal gland endocrine systems are essential to higher awareness and consciousness of the brain. When the pineal gland is impacted with too high a level of fluoride in the environment, memory and higher order cognitive processing is impaired. This is the principle use of fluorides in mind control or methods to retard human intelligence. It is the principle method to dumb down America so these scams to control the US can go unnoticed. This is why both the Germans and Russians used fluorides in the water for their prisons, as it made the prisoners less resistant and dumber.

Fluoride releases from industry have long been a problem for health and the problems were spotted in the 1930s in Meuse Valley of Belgium and the idea was used to make nerve gas. German derived nerve gases, sarin / soman, are fluoride based and are essentially methylated phosphoric fluorides. Oddly enough, the war compounds were invented by mostly Jewish scientists. The methyl compounds seek and damage the nervous system, and easily penetrate the skin, as per methyl mercury, which is the effect the nerve gases were patterned after. HF, which is the hydration product of these nerve gases, is a systemic poison that also easily penetrates the skin and gets into the blood stream and upsets essential trace metals required for enzymes needed to clean the body of toxic metals. Germany's work with fluorides is how I G Farben found the mind dulling properties of the chemical and how it could be used in prison and upon populations to promote political agendas. In the 50s, the US ALCOA company even began selling fluoride to Russia for use in their prison gulag camps.

Fluorine is the highest electronegative element and affects cell enzymes due to affinity to beneficial trace metals these enzyme repair processes require. Fluorine and aluminum compounds affect the lymph node dendritic cells and thyroid processes and cause the immune system's ability to respond to pathogens to lock up and stop functioning, allowing the viruses to take control. Radiation causes a very similar effect due to ionization of water to make free oxygen radicals and the next most electronegative element effect next to fluorine. External radiation makes lots of free oxygen in the body that tightly binds these metals and removes them from proper cell use.

Fluorine or fluorides in the body and cells involve the same mechanism on beneficial trace metal availability and formation of dangerous G-proteins with toxic metals. Rising fluorine in the body removes beneficial trace metals such as manganese from the bloodstream and cells, which is required to protect against HIV and other retroviruses. Fluorine forms dangerous G-proteins with aluminum that shut down the immune protection functions. These two effects are the prime vector for fluorine health problems. All diseases and death literally follow the curve of fluorine concentrations in the bone mass, which is an indicator for the pineal gland's dysfunction. This process lowers the "glutathione" enzyme which increases the oxidative damage from toxic metals to cells leading to increase of "superoxide dimutase" and mutation of "2-5A RNase L" enzymes needed for cell pathogen protection.

The dangers of fluoride go back to the times of I. G. Farben in Germany and the times which Hitler and Stalin planned to use this chemical to suppress the will of prisoners in prison camps. They also envisioned using fluoride in the water to help further communism into political dominance. The Bush Dynasty has long been associated with the I. G. Farben chemical works of Germany and well knew how it worked. In the US, polluting industries like phosphate and aluminum companies came up with a plan to dupe gullible mothers into believing the chemical wastes were good for children's teeth. These chemical and metals companies did not want to store these highly toxic water soluble fluoride wastes and found it easier to engage in deceit and treachery methods on the public to practice dilution is the solution for pollution.

Is Flouride in Portland Water? 23.Feb.2008 13:07

Want to know for sure.

There were plans to add 1 part per million. (That's a lot!) But a water quality report said there was none.

So is there fluoride in the water or not?

Great documentary on the subject 23.Feb.2008 15:07


The Fluoride Deception....watch it on Google Video. 30 minutes

 link to video.google.com

flouride = bad, paste = bad too! 24.Feb.2008 15:43

self healer

First, I completely agree flouride does no good.

However cleaning your teeth using a paste leaves a film on them that prevents re-mineralization. When using a tooth cleaning powder this is not a problem.

Hope this helps...

I just ordered "Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition". Can hardly wait to get deeper into this issue.