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rod coronado court date on february 11th?

Rod's support blog says he had a court date on February 11th. Is this true? What came of it?
From: www.supportrod.org

A light in the tunnel
Published by Chrysta January 11th, 2008 in Uncategorized

We have received great news today! It comes at a time when we are finding resolve in the decision we made just last month to accept a plea in regards to the San Diego case. It comes at a time when I need to feel like their may be some justice... .

Today Rod's lawyer from the Sabino Mountain Lion case contacted us with news that the 9th circuit will, indeed, be hearing oral arguments regarding the appeal that was submitted over a year and a half ago (not a fast process). Yes, on February 11, at 9 am in San Francisco, three 9th circuit court judges will hear a total of 20 minutes of arguments from both Rod's and his co-defendant, Matt Crozier's, lawyers. We are thrilled, and hopeful, and believe that there is a great chance that the guilty verdict may get overturned. In this case their are myriad possibilities of what may come. It would definitely protect future activists from being targeted with the same law.

Rod served an eight month sentence already, and so the best we would get from a victory would be getting rid of the current probation! That would be a huge weight lifted from our everyday reality! That is, besides the vindication of a overturned ruling!

We invite those who are able and interested to attend the hearing. Rod is going to try to be there, although financially it may not be possible!

We had a fantastic vacation back to the Midwest with family and loved ones! We thank every one who was able to contribute to the travel expenses. We made it there and back, maxed out credit cards and all! Smiles on our faces, and love in our hearts! We really couldn't have done it without your help!!!!!

Again, February 11, at 9 am is the big day!

Love and peace in the times of war,