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last try: Looking for "Charles" who posted "Sandy pigs scared shitless of Portland IMC."

Charles, if you are for real, I need to talk to you.
Charles posted a copy of a flier he said was circulating around the Sandy Police Department. I am trying to get a copy of the flier. Please email me? I also need to know how you got a hold of it.

If anyone else out there has more information about this, I would be happy to hear from you as well...

Eye Guess 14.Feb.2008 19:59


Ol' charley must be just another troubled cop, looking for a venue, and trying to scare people when he doesn't have a clue...

for what it is 15.Feb.2008 03:35


when confronted with such that would seek or aim to harm, hold a mirror to it. gauge the reflection, always bearing in mind the differential dynamics of power.

perhaps this might help to lessen any sting the harm may seek to cause.

when seeking or aiming to harm, look in a mirror. gauge the reflection, again bearing in mind the differential dynamics of power to that which the harm is aimed.

do you seek to increase the differential? that is, are you trying to beat into submission that which might temper your brutality, or are you disempowering that which causes you harm?

do you feel justified in this himsa?

? 15.Feb.2008 12:21


i am just collecting information. it is what i do.