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How we won the cold war.

Any time I travel I just think, God America is the greatest country in the world and I am the supreme humble diplomat of enormous success. I will spread Americanism. I will show the way towards faithful capitalism which of course makes me a conservative christian. Patriots always worship the same nuclear war heads and Jesus. Come over to my house and we will pray for my success in delivering the message of clear channel.
How We Won The Cold War
Eleven times zones
And four
Battled over nuclear
In a cold war.
There was ice
To motion and melting
There was a cold disaster
That many had remain landlocked
There was conquer and after conquer
But we were built ford tough
We were four time zones
Battling against a goliath of 11 time zones
And power, the power
Of supremacy was ours
Then came a natural burkah in afganistan
And we were only holy poppy worshippers in the land
11 time zones will fight against 4
But one Iraq will win the war
Cold war talk is all over now
Russia lost
They must have lost
They announced their loss
Of depleted uranium
And thousands of nuclear missles
Valued on the open market
And that which is not sold with asparagus
11 time zones have lost to poor David
The four time zones of supremacy and debt collectors
Have won this noble battle for you.
They have won against the cold
Tyrannical giant of eleven time zones
And a united asia and Europe
They have won the great battle for you.
Your lead paint baby slippers and plastic bottles
That give cancer
Are add-he-gent to your success
They are proof of your mightiness
A great empire you are building
Don't read accountants they are part of the red scare. We will find the identities of the terrorists in the rubble of the remains. You are safe as long as you can not remove the watch on you at all times.
Four time zones have won against 11. You are victors celebrate your success
There is a time to call up in Enron
And thank them not having pension plans
You must be dreaming
You are so lucky
You have won
The coldest war.