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If you could imagine getting slammed in the gut with an industrial wrecking ball, then maybe you could imagine how i felt finding out about Brad.
We called him Will.When he first arrived at the Tree Villlage (Unit 36, Clark a.k.a. Fall Creek), we thought he was a fed, with all his endless questions. He had to ask them from 150 ft.+ below because we wouldn't allow him upstairs. The rejection was too much and one clammy-ass cold morning he broke down and freaked-out on us screaming- I came all the way here to document you assholes! I gotta' go in a few days! Thanks alot for the warm welcome!-something like that.
THAT did it. Tongue-lashed into seeing ourselves as the paranoic little squirrels that we were, we finally let down a line and a rack. After 5 minutes with Will, i felt lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut, realizing myself to be every bit the asshole he accused me of. Asking endless questions is what journalists DO, and this one was one of the rare few who actually loved his Earth Mother enough to speak the bare truth about the enemy-god corporate/government rape and pillage of her, justified rationalized glorified and (mostly) ignored into oblivion by the money-media.
After our initial 5 minute interview of him, we let him have his way with us and during the next three days, we had a great big good time, teaching him to traverse so he could visit each treesit and get individual perspectives on eco-defense, strategy, tactics and all. During those three days he got all the information and love he could stand and when he finally hiked out, he had a great big good smile on his face.
Surrounded inundated OVERWHELMED by so much to feel bad about, i finally found something to feel glad about, that Will left us smiling. So why am i crying right now?

In Solidarity & Inspiration 14.Feb.2008 11:09

Joe Anybody / Ben Waiting iam@joe-anybody.com

Thank you for sharing this about Brad Will

I am inspired and wordless

In the words you wrote I could plainly see 'the message'

Thanks Brad, for what you did and thank you to all that care enough ...to actually make a stand and do something!

~joe anybody
I came here to document!
I came here to document!

some good fellow 14.Feb.2008 17:51


He must have been some good fellow. I'm sorry my path didn't cross his.