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Fourth Amendment - It was nice knowing you

The Senate voted to do away with the Fourth Amendment today by a vote of 68-29. The Republicans were joined by 20 Democrats to allowed the continuation of warrentless domestic spying.
Corporate power won the day as the Senate gave retroactive immunity to corporate lawbreaker. It's truly a sad day for America as we slide further and further towards a fascist state. Senator Gordon Smith, R-Oregon voted to support the bill.

FOURTH AMENDMENT - (First described in 1772 as a complaint against European rulers)

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

HR 1955 12.Feb.2008 16:46

oh shit.

is this in regards to the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007"? do you have further information? a very brief google news search got me nothing on the corponews front... but thats nothing new.

the democrats will not save you 12.Feb.2008 18:02


 link to senate.gov

This sure seems connected to HR1599. It's important to recognize that both major democratic presidential candidates were not present for the final vote on this bill. Yall should start using encryption if not already (Tor/PGP/OTR/TrueCrypt).

Immunity was voted on as a separate amendment to the final bill 12.Feb.2008 19:11


There were a number of amendments to the FISA telecommunications spying law update. The amendment that sought to _deny_ immunity to the telecom corporations for their earlier alleged "cooperation" with the regime's warrantless surveillance and data collection on telecom activities involving US citizens was from Chris Dodd (D-CT), tagged as "Dodd Amendment No. 3907" to S.Amend 3911 to S.2248 of 2007. S.2248 was the "provisional" stop-gap FISA law enacted under pressure from bush late last year.

The link provided here shows that the Dodd Amendment No. 3907 (which would have _denied_ the immunity for telecom corporations contained in S.2248 of 2007 (The _new_ FISA law) failed 67 to 31. In this case a YEA vote was for _denying_ immunity.

Once the Dodd Amendment was defeated, the YEA votes for S.3911 reflect support for the _new_ FISA law _after_ the attempt to sustain telecom corporations' civil liability for their alleged roles in warrantless spying on US citizens had failed.

So go the procedures of parliamentary processes. Those who voted _for_ the preferred amendment, but lost, then go on to vote _for_ the FISA law, (which provides immunity to the corporations). But it's not quite like they "supported granting immunity to the corporations" by voting _for_ the final FISA law (S.2248 of 2007, as amended), which passed 68 to 29.

Here's how they voted on the Dodd amendment (to deny immunity):

< link to www.senate.gov

Here's how they voted on the final measure, the new FISA law: S.2248 of 2007 (as amended):

< link to www.senate.gov

Here's a link (maybe you want to bookmark it) to the US Senate site that shows vote tallies:
< link to www.senate.gov

Another way to see the votes 12.Feb.2008 20:01


Here's another attempt to deliver the URLs or get to the relevant pages . . .

Paste this in your browser (where "dot" = "."), and return:
http://www (dot)senate (dot)gov/index (dot)htm

Click on "Legislation and Records" in red band across top of page.

Click on "Votes" in the top of the blue box on the left side of page.

Click on the gray "more" under the two row array of boxes under "Recent Votes"

That will bring up the trail of amendments and votes on the FISA law. Vote number 15 reports on the "Dodd Amendment No. 3907. Vote number 20 reports on the final passage of the new FISA law, S. 2248 as amended.

Thanks Bedouin 13.Feb.2008 10:20

democrats let us down again

Thanks Bedouin for taking the time to explain how to negotiate this maze-like website. I never could have seen this information without your help.

This goes to show, once more, how the democratic party keeps letting us down. We really need to de-emphasize fundraising in keeping power.

Thanks again Bedouin.