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Neighborhood Brunch - This Sat, Feb 16th

-get your grub on and support a local community organization
Hey all,

So were throwing a Neighborhood Brunch!
Saturday, Feb 16th
11am - 2pm
1905 Se Clinton

Every third saturday of the month, the Community Independence Project holds a benefit to raise money for its seeds, starts and tools for the upcoming gardens of the food program. An all vegan brunch is served, specific dietary requests are of course taken. We ask folks to donate what they would feel is appropriate for the food as if dining at a similar eatery. Please bring family and friends, childcare will be provided.

Previous Menu Items - Steve's Biscuits w/ tofu mushroom gravy, Chocolate or dried strawberry pancakes, Anna's delicious noodle dish, supa mixed greens salad, fruit salad, and some of the greatest vegan cinnamon buns.

Organizers from the Community Independence Project will be on hand to talk about the recent No RNC/DNC workshops held up in olympia this weekend and the local impact on Portland.

Spread the word...Thanks!
Community Independence Project

PS - Willing to help? Email us early.


address: address: 1905 Se Clinton