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RCP Swings Back at Maoist Critics

The RCP's newspaper Revolution published its first response to Maoist critics who published the "9 Letters to Our Comrades."

This Maoist "9 Letters" polemic targets the RCP's escalating cult of Avakian, its failures of organizing, its self-deceptive approach to "truth," its view of religion and several other key concerns. For almost two months, the RCP has been officially silent. Now, here is their response entitled "A Matter of Basic Orientation -- a Message from the Revolutionary Communist Party."

The full response is available here:


The 9 Letters are available here (for background):



A few years too late 12.Feb.2008 01:51

pictures of Mao

The RCP is irrelevant to the current struggles we find ourselves in. Google "The Maoist Cult of Bob Avakian is Anti-Marxist" to get a sense of what the RCP is (eventually) responding against.