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Communications Blackout starts to hit US-Canada

Yeah tell me that this blackberry blackout is not related to CyberStorm or the undersea cable cuts in the Middle East and now China (reported by BBC this morning).

Boys and Girls and other the time is near if not now that the Communications BlackOut is upon us. Be prepared for the declaration of martial law and the round ups.
From correspondents in San Francisco
February 12, 2008 11:14am
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EMAIL and Internet service to BlackBerry mobile telephone in North America stopped working overnight, according to US telecommunications giant AT&T.

Canada-based Research In Motion, maker of ubiquitous BlackBerry mobile devices that combine telephone, email, and internet capabilities, notified AT&T overnight of a major disruption of service.
The problem affected carriers in North America, said AT&T wireless division spokesman Mark Siegel.

"You are not getting email, or have trouble accessing the Internet ... all the data functions," Mr Siegel said.

"They are working hard to restore service. Obviously, all of us want this solved as quickly as possible."