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Stryker Convoys Sighted

PMR-INFO has reports of Stryker Convoys moving on the roads this past weekend. This might mean a deployment in the March-April time frame.
Recently, PMR-INFO has been told of at least 3 Stryker convoys headed South on Interstate 5. At least one of these convoys was seen to be marked with the ID numbers of the 5th/2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

These Stryker Combat Vehicle convoys were mixed-vehicle units, indicating that they are part of a training program of the 5th/2nd SBCT now headquartered at Fort

Lewis. We don't think they are being moved to a port right now, though we could be mistaken. Usually, when convoys move toward ports there is a lead vehiclewith a yellow safety light attached. Often, this is a civilian car operated by the 833rd Transportation Battalion.
Convoys moving toward ports also move in 8 to 12 vehicle convoys, usually of one or two types of vehicle.

Past experience has taught us that this kind of mixed convoy indicates advanced training, and that indicates that the 5th/2nd could be ready to deploy in as little as 4 weeks, and possibly as much as 8 weeks. This is only a guess.

This would mean we need to be watching our indicators around the clock (24/7) beginning March 10th or so, and keep doing so until we see deployment. We don't expect this to happen much later than April 7th - but anything is possible.

We are not aware at this time of any specific Port which the 5th/2nd SBCT would be deploying through. We do know from open sources that the 833rd Transportation Battalion considers its options to be: Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, and Aberdeen. This does not rule out alternatives being tried for the first time, but these four ports are the most likely to be used, in approximate order of their liklihood.

PMR-INFO has also obtained a document which claims that the 2nd BTN, 75th Rangers will be training in the Ft Lewis and surrounding area with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft flying at night, low to the ground, over local off-base human communities. This training is supposed to be conducted from February 11th (this coming
Monday) through February 22nd (The Friday two weeks from now). This is from an untested, semi-open source.

PMR-INFO would like to invite interested persons to participate in watching for the following things:

1) Convoys of Stryker or related military equipment on any road. Please note the time of day, type and number of vehicles, direction of travel and position of the convoy.

2) Stryker vehicles on Ft Lewis in parking areas. Please note approximate number of rows / columns and area of the Fort where these are spotted.

3) Empty spaces near known deployment berths in Tacoma and Olympia. Tacoma Pier 7, Milwaukee Way parking areas, and Port of Olympia Front Gate night-time occupation have all been reliable "tells" in the past. Aberdeen's quay is harder to spot, but an increase in police presence and aggression around the Home Depot area has been noted in past operations. Everett remains largely an unknown field. Persons with familiarity should contact PMR-INFO or their local PMR affinity group.

4) Helicopter "trains" heading primarily in one direction (not returning to Ft Lewis or McChord).

5) Trains with Military cargoes (vehicles or containers) which are often marked "DODX" on the train cars, or "5/2nd" on the containers. Other military cargoes with separate markings should also be noted and reported.

6) Photographs are the best reporting method. Post them on Flickr (obtain a temporary Yahoo identity, use that to log into Flickr, post your photos, and then post an email with your yahoo 'user name' to our email at  PMR_INFO_FUS@yahoo.com and we will search for, and browse, your photos online. Flickr lets you 'tag' your photos
with a map location, which would be quite useful to us if you take the time to do this) If you have just one or two photos, go ahead and send them to the email address.

Please check your camera's date and time settings, to maximize the utility of these photographs. You may also post the photos to any indymedia site, and post the link to us. Please describe the day, time, and location in the "story."

7) If you must call, please remember that we did NOT give you our phone number. Report phone tips through your local PMR affinity group. If none exists, organize one. In the meantime, post your report on an indymedia site such as Seattle or Portland or Olympia indymedia.

8) Sign up for the announcement-only news listserv of Olympia PMR by going to olypmr.org and filling in the box on the front page.