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47 Rats Liberated from Scripps Hospital in San Diego, California

47 rats rescued from Scripps Hospital vivisection breeding facility.
Recently, concerned citizens rescued 47 rats who were apparently part of a breeding program at Scripps "Mercy" Hospital in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. We entered through an unlocked door and found these beautiful innocent creatures living in squalor. Eight were crammed into each tiny barren cage. Their white fur was matted in urine and feces. Their babies were to be stolen from them and tortured in useless experiments, but now they are in loving homes where they will spend the rest of their lives as individuals, rather than research tools to be discarded when no longer necessary.

Who are the terrorists in this situation: those who peacefully rescue neglected beings from abuse and cruelty, or those who terrify, torture and destroy innocent life?

This rescue is dedicated to the brave people who speak out and more importantly act in support of direct action and rescue.

homepage: homepage: http://animalliberationpressoffice.org/

THANKS! 09.Feb.2008 20:55

Not Important

To the 47 rats rescued from the blood soaked hands of vivisectors, I hope you live your lives out in a happy, clean, caring and loving environment.
And to the concerned citizens who unsealed their fates, a big thanks to all who made the choice to get involved and liberate the prisoners of the labs.