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"Bush IsToo Horrendous to Be Forgotten": Philip Roth

The American author tells why George W Bush is the worst American president ever. Living in the countryside, he learned from a possum that six or seven sticks may be enough.
for the interview published in: Der Spiegel, 2/8/2008, click on

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smirking chimp 09.Feb.2008 04:46


he's lickin his lips, he's ready to win............

Through the looking glass 10.Feb.2008 02:21


The left(ish) institutional orthodoxy, liberals, re-enactors of the edited 60's now inside the free speech zone, pen-pals to "law making" establishment marionettes variously shake their heads (but _never_ their fists!) at the busChENEY turn in the 8 year sandbox.

They're fairly blind that the current pair, along with their supporting cast--visible and closeted--are what get elected (or near enough that legal loopholes "decide" the outcome of the "voting"). They represent the consent, if not the will of the governed. It's who we (the Amerikan people) are.