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MIGRANT CARAVAN - Welcome to Porland

Migrant March III

WHEN: Sunday, February 10th at 7:30 pm
WHERE: Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St.

- Speech by Enrique Morones, member of Border Angeles
- POTLUCK and Strategy Meeting
- Lolo of Comite Latino to Play Cuatro & Sing
The Thinker in front of the Gates of Hell - Mexicali Day of the Dead Border Art
The Thinker in front of the Gates of Hell - Mexicali Day of the Dead Border Art
We want to invite everyone to come to Liberty Hall to welcome the volunteers that have traveled in fifty cars to Portland with the Migrant March III. They are traveling from San Diego to Canada and back, with border actions on the US/Canadian border.

The event will bring together organizers and concerned community members from the Northwest and the US/Mexico border region to share experiences and strategies for engaging immigrant and allied communities in movement building.

More information about the march: www.borderangels.org
More information about the events: 503-757-0779.


For the third consecutive year a group called "Gente Unida", lead by Enrique Morones, a well known activist in San Diego who works on behalf of immigrants, has organized an immigrant march to travel throughout the Western United States.

The theme of this march is "Your Vote is your voice", with this slogan they wish to promote the registration and electoral participation of the Latino community. All of these marches have been very important, the First March they proved that Latinos could lift themselves out of obscurity, that was the year that more than three million Latinos took to the streets in this country. During the Second March, border stories were compiled and presented to Washington DC. This Third March is believed to be the most important March of them all because presidential campaigns are deeply affected by anti-Mexican posturing.


The immigrant march III began in San Diego on the 2nd of February in memory of the signing of the treaty Guadalupe Hidalgo when Mexico lost a large portion of its territory to the United States.

On the first day of the march, volunteers traveled to the Holtville Cemetery, located near the city of Calexico, California, where the bodies of migrants who died attempting to cross the border are buried, this symbolizes the commitment that Gente Unida has toward not forgetting these dead souls. The John-Doe portion of the Holtville Cemetery has been in existence since 1994. It now holds more than 500 graves - men, women, and children. Two years ago, some 300 people were buried there.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/11/368446.shtml

This Sunday, February 8th the marchers will arrive in Portland, Oregon, where they will be greeted at Liberty hall, where a community forum will be held -- bringing activists together from the South with activist of the North.

On the 12th of February they will arrive at the Canadian border where the will hold a special action, known as a "US Border Action". On the 13th they will begin their return in the city of Yakima, Washington, the 14th in Boise, Idaho, and the 15th in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the 17th the return to San Diego.